Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Pastry inspired perfume! LIVE!


Celebrate Fat Tuesday Conjure style once again with our Polish pastry inspired perfume oils! Growing up in Southeastern Michigan like I did, it wasn't hard to find a box of these delectable sweet treats! For those who don't know what a paczki is, (pronounced "poonchky") it's like a large huge doughnut stuffed to the brim with various intoxicatingly sweet fillings ranging from traditional plum and rose hip jam to more modern conventions like Bavarian custard, apple or raspberry. Though it's no typical doughnut - the paczki is sweeter and spongier. They can be topped with powdered or granulated sugar, or with icing. Truly, the mortal doughnut pales in comparison!

Paczki are a convenient way to get all of the sugar, fat and temptation out of the house before the sparse season of Lent rears it head. Fortunately, we've conjured a great way to get the paczki experience throughout whilst avoiding the calories as well! It's like magic! Indulge!

Conjure Paczki Selections:

Plum Jam Paczki
Sweet dough is filled with black plum jam and dusted with refined powdered sugar.

Bavarian Custard Paczki
Fried pastry dough filled with thick vanilla Bavarian custard and coated with granulated vanilla sugar.

Rose Hip Jam Paczki
Fresh paczki are served warm, overflowing with rose hip jam and drizzled with sweet honey sugar glaze.

Set of all three Paczki
Order all three types of Paczki in a set!

Paczki will available until March 21th, or we sell out! And I must say this: while these do indeed smell good enough to eat, they are not in any way, shape or form intended for consumption, human or animal. External use only!

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