Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goth Chick Pride!

Goth Chick Appreciation Day!

While it might have its origins in a silly Facebook meme, Goth Chick Appreciation day has stuck a chord with thousands of Goth, (or recovering Goth) ladies out there and it's completely understandable why! So much of the year we spend fending off questioning or horrified looks from people - it's nice to have a day to be honored and at least one day a year where our wardrobe makes sense!

Thank you to A. Drobny who drew the hoodoo dolly for the label! Not only is he The Conjure Works' delightful Rebel Astrologer, he just so happens to be an amazing artist as well. Who knew?

Decanted in 5ml glass amber bottles

Show your Goth spirit! Aged black patchouli, sexy garnet pomegranate, clove tobacco, vanilla smoke and red musk. Destined to be a classic!

Goth Chick pride is a limited run of only 13 bottles, so once they're gone, they're gone! Get yours at Conjure Oils today!


Fine Print: If you placed an order for the Crowleymass sale and would like to add this on, you can send the total with a note to paypal at conjureoils dot com and we will be glad to add it to your order!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Crowleymass!


It's time yet again to celebrate the birthday of good ol' Uncle Al!

Today, October 12,  is the birthday of famed (infamous?) Occultist Aleister Crowley. It is also known as Crowleymass, and in light of that, Imma do TWO things:

1. Have a sale - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE in the Mythos, Book of Shadows and Hoodoo lines - ALL LINES (Except Limited Editions) no limit! Just order two and put the third in the comments. Of you ordered yesterday and would like to add on to your order, please do! Send the difference and what you would like to paypal at conjureoils dot com (That way you won't pay double shipping) The Freebie must be equal or lesser value. Sale ends October 13th, 5pm Pacific.

2. Share a link to the lyrics of the song "Crowleymass" by Current 93, because I love that song and that band!

In other news, if you've been considering ordering the Hallows LE's, now is the time for that as well because once my stock is gone it's over and I am nearly out! Thank you so much for your love and support and making the Hallows scents such a success!!

Have a great week!

93 93/93,


Sunday, October 9, 2011

5th Annual Conjure Oils Yule Contest is a GO!

Holiday Contest!

For the past four years now (5th annual, REALLY? I can't believe it!) Conjure Oils has offered a contest for people to come up with a suggestion for a Holiday blend of their own design. Each and every year, I get more and more stunning, wonderful and creative entries and I'm hoping that this year will be no different!

Conjure Oils Holiday Contest 2011!

Here's the contest: Come up with a name, a description, some notes, a story, an image. It doesn't matter which - you can develop the entire concept or just come up with one or two things. From these submissions, I'll select several ideas to create for the Yule line this year.

The winners will receive a 5ml bottle of their scent as well as a 30 dollar gift certificate good for anything on the Conjure Oils website in 2012 - we'll even cover shipping! ...not to mention you'll receive temporary fame on the Limited Editions page as well and be the envy of all your family and friends.

In order for me to potentially use them, all entries will become the property of Conjure Oils so make sure you want them out in the world before you submit your ideas! By entering the contest, you agree to give me permission to use your idea for production. If you don't want your name associated with your entry, let me know, ok? I'll respect your privacy. MULTIPLE ENTRIES ARE OK - (because last year I said one entry per person and it was widely ignored! LOL! You can enter more than once, but keep it under 5, just so I can stay sane and somewhat organized, ok? :D)

Please email your submissions to yulecontest (at) conjureoils (dot) com by November 1 and don't forget to include your contact info! Don't make me track you down. ;)

I'll pick the winners on the 2nd and make the scents available around November 15th. If I can't decide, or there are too many ideas, I reserve the right to freak out, scrap the whole idea and save some ideas for next year.

May creativity and good luck be with you!