Monday, February 25, 2013

LUSH - A Limited Edition to support the indie Horror flick Ann's Pub

Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce a collaboration between indie filmmaker JP DeMario and Conjure Oils!

JP is currently raising funds for his latest film project, Ann's Pub, a return to INTELLIGENT Horror film making! No one is better suited to spin your dukets into cinematic gold and certainly no one better than JP himself to describe his project:

'Young businessman Mark Turco wants to die. Unable to cope with the death of his only daughter, unwilling to accept solace from his loving but emotionally-exhausted wife, he instead spends his nights drinking and whoring himself to death in Ann’s Pub, a crosstown dive frequented by other damaged souls and assorted sad cases. Watching over them all, like some surly, vodka-swilling babysitter, is Connor Shoup, the bar’s proprietor, a man secretly suffering from a loss of his own. But unlike the weak customers he enables, his approach to self-help involves confrontation not aversion, violation rather than commiseration, bloodshed as opposed to tear-shed. And tonight, he has singled out Mark, his best customer, as the next brunt of its expression, an expression as ghoulishly taboo as it is insane, an expression borne of pure pain and rage that will surely transform Mark’s death wish into a screaming desire to live.'

We here at Conjure have formulated LUSH, a Limited Edition perfume limited to a run of 10 5ml brown apothecary bottles. It is only available as a perk if you donate $30 or more to JP's Indiegogo fundraising campaign!

LUSH is a tribute to the broken barfly in us all: sinful gin and tonic with a splash of corrupt citrus.

You can support ANN'S PUB and get your bottle of LUSH at JP's Indiegogo site by clicking HERE

Sometimes it Takes a Killer to Save Your Life!

All the best,

Vajra and JP D.