Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Beltane from Conjure Oils - Buy 2 get 1 FREE!


Buy 2 get 1 Free!


Spring's here at last! Let's celebrate! Buy any two oils from the general
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Spring Blessings to You!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Via Carpathia is live at Conjure Oils!

Hello everyone!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am well aware that it's been a rather long while since a site update. Just what the heck has been going on, you ask? Well, let me tell you! In the last few months not only have I moved -- not only my home, but Conjure Oils as well! We all now have a happy new home out in the country, complete with three roosters, a pigeon and two acres of blueberry bushes! So in light of that, please note that there is a new phone number! 503-630-6895. During the move I was able to reassess some old prototypes -- some of which had aged beautifully! So, I've added these oils to the General Catalog as well as some wildly popular limited editions:


Beast of Babylon*

*LE's that have become permanent.
(Nuit was formerly known as the Celestial Cow)


Follow Me Boy!
Has No Hanna

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update!

All the best,


Via Carpathia

Via Carpathia grew out of an idea for a line I created for the Vampire's Masquerade Ball. It started out small, but before I knew it,it had taken on a life of it's own. So, allow me to present to you, this spring's limited editions: Via Carpathia!

Steeped in the romance and seductive grace of the Vampir, Via Carpathia is an enchanted journey into the madness, beauty and mythos that celebrates these mysterious otherkin.


Available in 5ml apothecary bottles. $17.50 each.

Blood Types

What's a vampire without blood?

Apopular way of determining personality type and compatibility in Japan by knowing one's blood type - much like the way we use astrology here in the West.

Theseperfume oils were created to balance and enhance the energy of the personality traits associated with the particular blood types. They do not contain actual blood.

Blood Type Compatibility:

Blood Type A: Compatible with A and AB

Blood Type AB: Compatible with A, B, AB and O

Blood Type B: B and AB

Blood Type O: O and AB

Blood Type A

The most artistic and airy-fairy of the blood types. Type A folk are perfectionistic and adhere to the highest of standards. They are sensitive, anxious and highly attuned to the energy around them. They may be extremely empathetic which makes them quite loyal.

an earthy blend of teakwood incense, black amber, Indonesian patchouli, vanilla bean husk, tonka bean and a shimmer of crimson tayberry helps to support creativity though grounding nervous energy

Blood Type AB

BloodType AB borders a little on this side of control freak. They like to be on top of their game but they can be very shy and timid, which makes ithard for them to achieve their goals.

sweet sandalwood, soothing night queen, gardenia blossoms and Japanese musk creates an air of calm confidence, relaxation and peace

Blood Type B

Blood Type B folk are fiery and action-packed! Don't tell them what to do! They are individualists to the core!

a spicy combo to keep the blaze at an even keel: Omani olbanium, petitgrain, sweet clove, barely-there vetiver and an anchor of ambered musk

Blood Type O

Often described as the social butterflies, Type O people can be outgoing, optimistic and adore the spotlight! Never ignore a Type O - though they do make it an almost impossible task!

social citrus: Valencia oranges, tangy pink grapefruit and juicy clementines are blended with Hawaiian ginger and creamy vanilla musk. Definitely a bold blend! In fact, one person has dubbed this scent "evil cupcake" ifthat's any indication

Bat's Blood

This is an interpretation based on an ancient dark arts recipe that is legendary for hexing, creating chaos, destruction and signing contracts with dark spirits. Can also be used for protection from maleficent entities.

Conjure Oils' Apothecary Dragon's Blood, cinnamon bark, myrrh resin and clove

Dove's Blood

Yet another interpretation based on an ancient recipe. Dove's blood is used for works to draw love and also to protect the love that you already possess.

Conjure Oils' Apothecary Dragon's Blood, red roses, jasmine absolute and a drop of laurel

The Count

A regal and elegant men's blend loosely based on an antiquated Hungarian cologne formula

patchouli, teakwood, oakmoss and sparkling bergamot

The Countess

Graceful and poised; an atmosphere of otherworldly beauty

black myrrh and dried roses blended with neroli, ambergris, vanilla blossoms and juicy black currant


A scent to last the ages -- gorgeous enough to wear every day... forever.

root of immortality ginseng is steeped in ylang ylang, red sandalwood, dark clove, pomegranate, black currant and a kiss of orange blossom honey

Love Eternal

Vows of timeless love pledged between lovers, bound in a deathless spell

swirling resin incense, withered roses, beeswax candles and a shared glass of blood orange wine

Vampire Kisses

So beloved, it demands a spot here in Via Carpathia!

Ice cold, red hot. The bruised and bloodied kiss of eternal life.

a sanguine blend of Apothecary Dragon's Blood, khus, oud, paperwhite lilies and pomegranate