Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry Apocalypsmas! Yule 2012 is LIVE at Conjure!

Yule 2012 is LIVE at CONJURE!
Please join me in welcoming my lovely friend Rose as the very first guest blogger to the Conjure Empire! I am honored to have her take the time to offer her insights and enthusiasm in introducing the Yule perfumes this year. Take it away, Rose!


Yule Time of the Year

As a prepared zombie apocalypse designated survivor, I feel a kinship with ‘Oh Holy Smite’ a solid scent; bring on the boozy!

Hi, I am Rose and as long as I have had a nose, I have smelled and sniffed. I leave that droplet of self knowledge there for you to utilize at your disposal.  It wasn’t until I discovered Conjure Oils that I knew the healing power of smelling good and good people.

I get this tremendous honor, introducing the Yule blends or as I call them in my head ‘Yulie Blends’. Deck the Halls with Scowling Zombies is on my list of must-haves; only the multi-talented Vajra would be able to bring such a level of classiness to cranberry jelly!

Do You Fear What I Fear is another beauty. Can a person fear perfume? If so, what is the phobia called? What do you do if your google-fu doesn’t turn up search results? Is there a fear of fear of searching google? V ventures a guess: Sfumatophobia! (Vajra adds: Taken from the art term "sfumato' meaning 'gone up in smoke'. The word perfume means 'through smoke’. I just put two and two together and a new word was born!)

As I wind my way through these scents, I am particularly enjoying the descriptions! Make sure you read the following aloud: Ragnarock'n Round the Yggdrasil Tree, preferably with a mouth full of eggnog! Hell hath no fury! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Aliens are Coming to Town! Sky black musk, white rose tea is for me!

In other news, Vajra and I are cooking up something so amazing and fun that I have to share! Hoodoo themed nail polish! Soon you will be able to wear 'Follow Me Boy!', ‘Fast Luck’, ‘Black Cat’ and others on the tips of your witchy fingers and precious piggies! What do you think? Definitely something to look forward to in the New Year!

What are your Holiday wishes? (Besides these delicious fascinating scents of course.) Me: creative socks, writing utensils and books and love. Also peace, we should always mention, feel and demand peace.

Holiday Blessings!

Peace and Love gentle readers,

Rose Hill is a freelance writer, web designer, doula and mom in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Charming, no? Some quick business then to the smellies!

All holiday orders need to be placed by the 7th of December. Everything will be shipped by the 15th as I will be out of town for a month. Conjure will be open to take orders (and customer service - I can still answer emails) during that time, but shipping won't resume until I get back mid January. (That's when the Lupertines will go up as well, FYI.) We continue pounding out orders from October (so close to being done!) and November as well. Expect a CnS notification SOON of you’ve been waiting. I thank you SO MUCH for your patience and understanding during this hellish time for me. I really do.

*groan* I know! No one likes it, but it must be done: The entire Astrology line as well as the Elements collection (Elements will be replaced with the Wu Xing fragrances.) So if you have favorites in either line, now is the time!

Apparently, the Mayans have predicted the end of civilization this year - December 21, 2012, to be exact. The gospel of the End Times has been preached long before the Book of Revelations was penned 2000 some odd years ago; the Norse have Ragnarok, Hindus have Kaliki, the Yoruba have Olokun. As time keeps bumping along the pot hole riddled gravel path of progress, we're only left to meditate on what our world of exploding population, dwindling resources and questionable pop culture will disintegrate into. Sing while you may! If this is our last holiday season, make it your best! Happy Unholy Days!

PLEASE NOTE: Since I am planning on going out of town for a month, all orders will be shipped ON OR BEFORE December 15th. Please have any orders that are to be holiday gifts in by December 7th. Thank you!
HALLOWS 2012 perfumes will continue to be available until December 15th. YULE 2012 perfumes will be available until January 30th.

Selections from MERRY APOCALYPSMAS! are available in one size, two styles.

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $19
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll On - $20

Films like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Independence Day", even shows like the X-Files gave us a glimpse into a possible alien inspired end game. Here's a fragrance to honor our gray overlords.

Silver bells, starlit vanilla resin, Night Queen, sea lavender, white rose tea and black sky musk

Maybe a zombie apocalypse is what you're hoping for? Stock up on guns, ammo and don't forget to double tap!

Dragon's blood, crimson cranberry jelly, marshmallow cream and the tattered remnants of musky humanity.

The dark, the unknown, death, poisoning, drowning, being buried alive, flying, being lost in space, abandonment, clowns...

Seared vanilla sugar syrup, blood orange stained sandalwood, black tea soaked linens and corrupted toasted clove.

With just a press of a shiny, red, candy-like button we could enjoy a permanent winter wonderland!

Heartbroken and desolate: black ice, desiccated winter berries, frozen hopes, destroyed dreams all contaminated with the saddest sting of black pepper.

Armageddon - the final battle between Good and Evil. Smite or be smitten; it's a survivor's world.

Boozy vanilla, caramelized coconut, smoked tonka and black patchouli.

Jormungandr opens his mouth letting his tail go free and Fenrir slips his fetter Gelipnir and literally, all Hell breaks loose. It's the stuff Heavy Metal songs are made of.

Balsam fir, palo santo, snow laden birch branches and serpentine boughs of holly are doomed with pitch black woodsmoke and cracked leather.

The Bhagavad Gita, as quoted by Oppenheimer after seeing the detonation of the first nuclear bomb in 1945. "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds": War, Famine, Death and Conquest. The End is always Now.

Bleak and hopeless: spiced vetiver is abused by lashes of black leather, broken by blackest musk and completely decimated with clove stained aged patchouli.


In addition to the Merry Apocalypsmas Yule 2012 collection, we also have resurrected GHOSTS OF YULES PAST as well as #OCCUPYTHENORTHPOLE and the GINGERBREAD COVEN!

Thank you again for a great year! Blessings and warm wishes of health, happiness and prosperity this Holiday season as well as into the New Year!

All the best,

Vajra and the Conjure Clan

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HOPE is aLIVE at Conjure Oils!

Congratulations Barack Obama on your second term! HOPE is LIVE at Conjure Oils!

Get your limited edition perfume, only 44 available!

$20 5ml brown apothecary bottle or roll-on. Paypal $25 (the extra $5 covers postage) to paypal at conjureoils dot com.


Originally released in 2008, this perfume, limited to 44 bottles, was lovingly crafted to commemorate the election of Barack Obama, our 44th president. Today, on the day of Obama's reelection, we're pleased to be able to offer 44 bottles once again! FOUR MORE YEARS!

A lion-hearted blend of clove absolute, African musk, galangal and black currant with a glorious shimmer of bold and brazen pink grapefruit.

Available for 44 hours!