Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HOPE is aLIVE at Conjure Oils!

Congratulations Barack Obama on your second term! HOPE is LIVE at Conjure Oils!

Get your limited edition perfume, only 44 available!

$20 5ml brown apothecary bottle or roll-on. Paypal $25 (the extra $5 covers postage) to paypal at conjureoils dot com.


Originally released in 2008, this perfume, limited to 44 bottles, was lovingly crafted to commemorate the election of Barack Obama, our 44th president. Today, on the day of Obama's reelection, we're pleased to be able to offer 44 bottles once again! FOUR MORE YEARS!

A lion-hearted blend of clove absolute, African musk, galangal and black currant with a glorious shimmer of bold and brazen pink grapefruit.

Available for 44 hours!

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