Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve scents are live!

Hello Everyone!

2010 is almost upon us! Today, New Year's Eve, is an excellent time to get ready for the coming new year. Not only with parties, celebrations and resolutions but with cleaning and inner preparations as well!

We are also particularly blessed this year by being graced with a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve. A Blue Moon is when 13 full moons occur in a calendar year, and for it to fall on New Year's Eve - that's an event that takes place only once ever 19 years!

To celebrate the occasion, Conjure Oils is releasing two limited edition scents that will only be available today and tomorrow (12/31 and 1/1). They come in 5ml brown apothecary bottles and cost $20 each, postage paid. However, if you spend $50 or more at Conjure Oils today or tomorrow (on anything in the catalog) you can select one for free. Spend $100 or more, and I'll send you both as my New Years gift to you! May we all be happy, joyous and prosperous in 2010!

Ring in the new year with this celebratory blend formulated to kick old patterns and habits out the door and usher in the new!

lemon blossom and linden cleanse the past. hyssop and rue herbs purify the present. brown sugar adds for sweetness in the coming year. Allspice, alfalfa and pyrite ensure a positive fiscal outlook for 2010.
A 1-2-3 punch for all the best in the coming year!

Once In A Blue Moon
A Blue Moon that occurs on New Years Eve only ever happens every 19 years, so we've pulled out the stops on this blend! Only the rarest and most precious lunar flowers and spices have been utilized. Once the blend is made, it will be left out overnight to absorb the lunar energies. A moonstone will be added to every bottle that is shipped.

jasmine sambac absolute, rose attar, Artemis' sacred white willow bark, violet, moonflower, cyclamen, orris and iridescent vanilla

To order just the blends, you can send a paypal payment to and list your selections in the comments field.

To get them free, just place an order at the Conjure Oils site for over $50 to receive one of the blends (your choice! so please let it be known!) An order $100 or over will receive both.

TATs - the current turn around time for orders is less than a week! Take advantage of this occurrence that's almost as rare as a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve! :D

All the best in 2010 to you!