Friday, November 25, 2011

Blackest Friday EVER! Buy 2 get 1 FREE sale and NEW PERFUMES added to the GC!

The print, it is fine:

Buy 2 get 1 free.
Sale good for 24 hours.
Free item must be the least expensive of the three.
Good for 5 or 10ml bottles, not pips.
No LE's, Toby Daye OK!
No Limit!

New Additions to the General Catalog!

We've added four new perfumes to the Mythos collection inspired by fearsome and seasonally appropriate deities. Anubis, Maman Brigitte and Set bring with them their celebration of death in this season of darkness while the sun is in the deep and passionate sign of Scorpio. In the broader autumnal season, we celebrate all sorts of ancestral and death honoring festivals: Halloween, Samhain, Los Dias de los Muertos, Hop Tu Naa, Calan Gaeaf, Allantide, All Hallows Eve, All Saints, Festival of the Dead, Ghost Festival... you get the point! Durga, while not a death goddess per se (that title belongs to Kali, an aspect of Durga herself) brings the celebration of her festival, Navratri, for a week during the month of September.

There isn't a more perfect time than now to add these to the collection! Try them today to attune to the energy of the darkening days and lengthening nights, to pay homage to your dearly departed loved ones or to simply enshroud yourself in the deadly aroma of these dire deities!

Jackal-headed Egyptian lord of embalming, mummification and protector of the dead. He watches over the funerary process making sure the bodies are properly readied for their journey to the afterlife. His color is black, associating him with the putrefaction stage of death as well as the promise of rebirth found in the fertile black soils on the banks of the river Nile.

A perfume inspired by the beauty that Anubis saw in death: Red musk, Egyptian patchouli accord, tonka bean absolute, aged vanilla resin and a drop of embalming honey.

As a fierce protector and an indestructible force of nature, Durga's ability to help her devotees overcome selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego has made her one of the most beloved of all Hindu devas. She rides into battle on her tiger, a symbol of her vast and limitless power with a peaceful smile on her face, as even during the most violent confrontations, she does not lose her composure, compassion or her ability to laugh at a good joke.

Sacred, powerful and commanding, yet brightly festive: Daring Indian patchouli wrapped in graceful bergamot blossom and enlivened with tonka bean.

Scottish and Irish indentured servants brought along with them to Haiti their beloved goddess and later Saint Brigid, the red haired, green eyed, fair skinned deity. She most certainly has her place among the pantheon of beloved Haitian Lwa as queen of the Ghede, a Haitian Creole word for a family of sprits that represent the dead as well as fertility - sex and death are never far apart! She is the Mistress of the Dead, owner of the cemetery and is, in true ghede fashion, as sexually suggestive, rude, obscene and debaucherous as her husband, Baron Samedi.

Maman's Ofrendas: Tobacco, peppered rum, spicy clove, piquant cinnamon and graveyard dirt.

Egyptian lord of darkness, chaos, storms, the harsh desert and foreigners. He ruled the red desert in Upper Egypt while Horus was given the fertile Nile delta, the black lands of Lower Egypt. The two gods were always at odds with one another. Multiple myths detail the feud between the two, a conflict that is completely understandable: Set murdered then dismembered Horus' father Osiris as Set always had eyes for his sister and Horus' mother, the beautiful Isis and stopped at nothing to have her. Some historians claim that the vilification of Set was politically motivated, some say it was symbolic of the war that people living in the desert waged to survive within the environment daily: Set represented the sterile, harsh desert while Horus was the fertile lands that were flooded by the Nile. Nonetheless, Set is a darkly complicated figure who is often called upon for sex and love magic as he understands the how far down the maddening depths of love and desire can go when they remain unrequited.

Egyptian red amber, black patchouli, vanilla bean hull, sycamore, black musk, beeswax and vetiver.


CONJURE OILS - The Little Perfume House that Could!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conjure Oils presents The Naughty List - Yule 2011

Conjure Oils' Yule 2011 is LIVE!
The Naughty List photo:
Model & styling by Hottie McNaughty
Photo by POC
Used with permission

Conjure Oils presents The Naughty List - Yule 2011

Yule 2011 is LIVE!

Conjure Oils’ Yule 2011

Welcome to Conjure Oils’ 2011 Yule Collection, The Naughty List! Every year, we host a contest to challenge the citizens of Conjure County to come up with suggestions for their ideas of a holy grail Yule perfume design. The winners not only get $30 in Conjure Ca$h to indulge on anything at, they also get to be the envy of their friends and enemies alike! All winning entries are lovingly crafted into a unique perfume oils available for all to admire (and purchase!) on the Conjure Oils website throughout the Yuletide season, not to mention that the winner also receives a 5ml bottle of their perfume as well!

The parameters of the contest were fairly loose – a maximum of five entries per person illustrating concepts that could be as general or specific as the entrant desired. We had entries that ran the gamut from simply elegant (balsam fir and cranberries, call it Garlands) to intricately complex treatises on the origins of various Yule traditions (for example, an entry the length of five single-spaced typed pages explaining the origins of Krampus with the recommendation that the perfume be titled Krampusnacht ist Wunderbar!)

Every year the entries increase in their creativity, cleverness, complexity of design and, well, length! :D I am SO proud of the citizens of Conjure County and the community that has been created around Conjure Oils. I want to extend a massive gesture of gratitude and bow deeply and reverently before everyone who entered, who told someone or who spread the word about the contest, to all who spread the word about Conjure Oils to anyone who would listen, all who taunted their foes with the majesty of our unpretentious honesty and the sincerity of our passions. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So! On to the Naughty List! Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who entered! I loved reading all of your creative contributions and wished I could have used them all! Nonetheless, may your Yule be blessed, your Kwanzaa righteous, your Hanukkah glorious, your Christmas merry and your Winter Solstice secular!

Big love, hugs, blessings, light, life and joy from all of us at Conjure Oils & The Conjure Works!

Vajra, Sterling & Miss Lucy, too!

Despite our best efforts to kiss up to the big guy in red, sometimes we can't help but end up on the naughty list!

Fluffy marshmallows slowly toasted over the fireplace flames, buttered rum spiked steamed vanilla milk, cacao musk, swirling pipe tobacco and a snicker doodle bribe.

Hottie McNaughty
Washington, USA

Even Gods get to go home for the holidays and Hades is no exception! Every Midwinter’s Eve He returns to Mount Olympus to share in the ambrosial nectar. Let us celebrate the Lord of the Dead’s slight reprieve with fragrant offerings of our own design.

Persephone's frosted garnet pomegranates, lightly bruised winter mint, snow-softened flames, Stygian incense smoke, Cerebus’ worn collar leather and the bittersweet tears of homecoming.

Nyx G.
California, USA

The prehistoric abyss that gives birth to the Sun and all of creation.

Primeval black resin, hoary black musk, ancient leather, Prometheus’ fire and traces of ozone; a relic from the crack of lightning that created life in the primordial ooze.

Nyx is the exceedingly dark, beautiful, powerful and unknowable Greek goddess of the Night who witnessed the birth of all of creation. She is Mother of the deepest mysteries that have haunted humanity since the beginning of time: The Mother of Moros (Doom), Styx (Hate), Hypnos (Sleep) & Thanatos (Death) and many, many others. I’m sure Holiday celebrations at Mama Nyx’s house are serious business!

Franz Kafka
Deeply lost in the night.
Just as one sometimes lowers one’s head to reflect,
Thus to be utterly lost in the night. All around people are asleep.
It’s just play acting, and innocent self-deception, that they sleep in houses,
In safe beds, under a safe roof, stretched out or curled up on mattresses,
In sheets, under blankets; in reality they have flocked together
As they had once upon a time and again later in a deserted region,
A camp in the open, a countless number of men, an army, a people,
Under a cold sky on cold earth, collapsed where once they had stood,
Forehead pressed on the arm, face to the ground, breathing quietly.
And you are watching, are one of the watchmen,
You find the next one by brandishing a burning stick
From the brushwood pile beside you.
Why are you watching? Someone must watch, it is said.
Someone must be there.

Egyptian myrrh, amber resin, opium tar, antique patchouli, moonflower, black tea and tonka bean.

Kirsten B.
Georgia, USA

“The Monkey’s Tail” in English, Cola de Mono is a traditional Chilean holiday drink that is similar to a White Russian. The Dude would approve!  “Hey man, there’s a beverage here!”

Hot buttered rum, scalded cream, spiced coffee liqueur and a splash of vanilla infused vodka.

Michelle H.
California, USA

Pancha Ganapti is a five day solstice celebration that takes place December 21st through the 25th in honor of the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha. On the first day, the shrine is constructed by the family as a gesture of unity and worship and an icon of Ganesha is decorated with pine boughs, shimmering tinsel and a particular magical color. Each day the God is dressed in a new color and a particular sadhana, or spiritual practice, is focused upon by the family. By the last day, the celebrants are said to be overflowing with love for one another and showered with the blessings of Ganesha.

Beats passing out from turkey overdose in front of the TV if you ask me!

Coconut cream, caramelized sugar, cardamom, rosewater, fresh mango pulp, red musk, amber incense, a bouquet of champaca and a few grains of basmati rice.

Heather M.
Washington, USA

Seated atop her gleaming crystalline carved ice throne, the regal Ice Queen prepares once more to rule the winter world. Tended to by snow sylphs and frost faeries she is powdered, perfumed and primped in her finest winter-white raiment and ready to mount her fantastic furred beast. She rides forth bringing with her winter's chill winds and icy darkness.

Hers is the fragrance of frost itself: arctic winds and frigid ice-rain drops that weave an icy web of glacial glamour.

A pale little girl sat in a field
Raising a castle from snow.
"You shouldn't be out here, you'll catch a cold!"
A passerby started to scold.
"I am out here, and here I shall stay, building my castles of snow.
For I'm all alone in this world and have no other place to call home."
"Little girl, don't you cry, for I've come bearing gifts;
Of warm, cozy nights
And daybreaks, so bright.
Just close your eyes and take hold my hand."
"Where are we going?"
"To your own winter wonderland."
With a snap of his fingers, and a clap of his hands
They shrunk to the size of two grains of sand
Then all of a sudden, the two were inside
A magnificent palace of ivory, so white.
Seated before an amber fire, lay the little girl's most sincere desire
A beautiful mother, with beauty and grace
And a father with a kind and generous face.
The little girl cried tears of absolute glee
As the passerby smiled, exiting silently.
From the little snow castle that was now the girl's home
No teardrops or sadness, just acres to roam.
As the kindly stranger went on his way
He waved a good-bye and boarded his sleigh.
The scent of holiday dreams come true: Powder fine sugar and snow, the stillness of clear iced amber, soft tendrils of hearth fire smoke and the welcoming gentle scent of oven fresh gingerbread slices dusted with just enough holiday magic.

Miranda S.
New Jersey, USA

Because Killer Klowns need holiday work, too!

Drunk before noon: Dark and boozy Bourbon vanilla, blackened coconut husk, toasted tonka bean, cherry pipe tobacco smoke and the suspicious scent of peppermint schnapps.

Leigh B.
Tennessee, USA

I’m dreaming of a black metal Christmas…  Somewhere in Norway a church is glowing, on Christmas Eve and the flames are spreading…

(I’m so going to Hell for this one.)

A Black Mass: Corrupted church incense, unholy water, Hell fire and the surprisingly pleasant scent of damnation.

Andrew D.
Oregon, USA

Why should Santa get all the credit? Let’s #OccupytheNorthPole and give props to some of the 99% that do all the work in the cold, white North - the reindeer!

This is in no way meant to demean or diminish the value or intention of the righteous #Occupy movement, of which I am in full support. In fact, the proceeds of the #OccupyTheNorthPole collection will be used to help us at Conjure Oils create care packages for the Occupants across the nation as need dictates. The packages will contain liquid antacid and empty spray bottles, protective eye wear, tincture of echinacea and goldenseal, zinc lozenges, toiletries, packs of new socks, fleece hats, mittens and hopefully brand new coats if the line generates enough funds!

Dashing bergamot blossom, guaiac wood, cardamom pods, toasted cinnamon, black amber, benzoin resin, pimento berry and polished mahogany.

Egyptian chamomile, rock rose, elemi resin, aged vanilla bean, sugared amber and dark patchouli SCO2.

Snow-dusted cypress branches, steaming coffee, vetiver root and patchouli wood.

Sweet honey, champaca blossom, vanilla orchid, ginger root and a sip of shimmering ruby pomegranate champagne.

Black pepper, nutmeg, clary sage, starry black vanilla musk, labdanum absolute and stellar white sandalwood.

Sultry red musk, golden amber resin, red mandarin, crimson carnation and clove bud.

White pine, pimento berry, violet leaf, hinoki wood, birch bark, Himalayan cedar wood, rainbow iris and olibanum.

Lime zest, bergamot, night blooming jasmine, white tea, fresh skin musk, white amber, lily of the valley and brisk night air.
Build-Your-Own-Gingerbread-Temple! Esmerelda, Inferna, Wendy, Terra and Marisol are back to celebrate Yule with you and have crafted all the goodies you’ll need to create the most delicious dwelling for all your spell castings!

Nothing says lovin’ like somethin’ from the coven and Inferna’s gingerbread is no exception! Hand mixed and baked to perfection: ginger root, sifted cake flour, molasses, brown sugar and a pinch of chili pepper. Inferna wouldn’t have it any other way!

Terra spent all month in the candy caverns mining the perfect jelly gemstones that have just the right balance of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice!

Marisol’s caramels are a force of nature all on their own! Mouth-watering soft caramel, sugared milk, vanilla bean and a sprinkling of her own hand-harvested sea salt.

Wendy’s whipped up a batch of her royal icing: confectioner’s sugar, vanilla and cream.

Red and green swirls of peppermint hard tack candy sweetened with vanilla sugar and a hint of something sinister.


The cherubic scent of a sleeping infant's skin, the nourishing sweetness of mother's milk, holy white musk and the radiant golden glow of warm vanilla-infused amber angel wings.

Hillary L.
Pennsylvania, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

Shivering frost notes cling to the boughs of fir and spruce whilst wisps of smoke from sacred wood fires swirl and undulate amid a wintry mix of chilled yew and cranberries sweetened with frozen vanilla.

Niki W.
United Kingdom
Yule 2010 Winner

Hot chocolate cream flavored with curls of blood orange peel and soft ginger fur. Hurrah for the Chocolate Cat!

Florida, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

A suspicious mix of holiday cheer: vanilla syrup sweetened eggnog spiked with a dubious shot of spiced rum, garnished with a peppermint candy cane and a splash of doublespeak.

Vajra W.
Oregon, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

The otherworldly aroma of sacred offerings: resinous billows of frankincense and myrrh smoke, the built up wax from ages of burned beeswax candles, sacramental wine sweetened with milk and honey, slices of oven-fresh cranberry bread, garlands of holiday greens and flecks of gold foil from worn Byzantine saint icons.

Mark H. and the TIWWA Gang
Yule 2010 Winner

Dark and rich chocolate mousse laced with the warmth and cheer of hazelnut liqueur and slivered almonds because things always get a little nutty at Moosemas!

Andrea F.
Wisconsin, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

A juicy clove-studded orange is dusted with powdered cinnamon, ginger and orris root and hung from a scarlet ribbon to perfume the air with its ancient aroma.

Erin G.
Massachusetts, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

Sweet lavender-infused vanilla cream, heliotrope blossoms and blue chamomile to soothe winter woes.

Florida, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

Romantically tragic and withering: roses heavy with ice are thawed with a deep heart of oud and fiery ginger.

Oregon, USA
Yule 2008 Winner

Frozen musk topped by worn leather, sultry sandalwood and a drop of sweetest honey.

Vajra W.
Oregon, USA
Yule 2008 Winner

Atlas cedar, oakmoss, cold dry woods, faded cathedral incense and drifting snow.

Paula S.
Arizona, USA
Yule 2010 Winner

Icicles with evil agendas, ozone and the coppery tang of impending doom.

Krystal A./Maire I.
Yule 2010 Winner

Glimmering golden sandalwood, glittering vanilla blossoms and a shimmer of sweet clove bud.

Florida, USA
Yule 2010 Winn

All oils are either $18 per 5ml, or kick in an extra $1 and get a 5ml roll-on. They will be available until January 15th, or until supplies are exhausted.

ODDMENT EMPORIUM: It's choose-your-own-adventure time in the OE! Meaning that for the holiday season, we welcome you to select any scent from the general catalog to perfume your items with! These hand selected items make great gifts, stocking stuffers and personal indulgences as well!

MYTHOS:Keep an eye out for new additions to the Mythos collection over the next week! These deities of death are appropriate additions for this time of year: Anubis, Set, Maman Brigitte. Fierce goddess Durga, as well! (Yes, this is the same Durga from Navratri, so if you've fallen in love with that one like I have, mourn her departure no longer!)
The Conjure Works, Unveiling the Yule Line & Intuitive Perfuming Course: If you're in the Portland, Oregon area, please stop in and visit us at our storefront at 3352 SE Hawthorne! We're open Thursday through Sunday, 12 - 7. Come by for a chat, a tarot reading or to sample the latest sniffies! We will be unveiling the Yule line on December 1st from 2 until 6! We're also going to be offering an in person and online Intuitive Perfuming course in January if we get enough paid participants. The class is $300 and includes a perfumer's kit with a bottles of fragrance (blended by Vajra) to represent all of the scent families as well as empty 5ml bottles, pipettes, perfumer's blending wands and other goodies as well! Interested people can sign up by emailing The class is conducted online via email and skype. We'll be meeting for four weeks, for an hour per class and will be covering basic perfuming, scent families, safety, scenting and creating bath and body products like bath bombs, scrubs, lotions, etc and how to channel your creativity, intuition and spirit into crafting your blends. I may add an extra class or two if we really get into it, but the cost will remain the same. Space is limited to 10 people, first come first served.

Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest info and whatnot.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. I do it all for you!

Yule Blessings!

Vajra & CO