Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wicked Whips of the West Preview is LIVE!

Wicked Whips of the West Preview is LIVE! 

In this preview you can pick your own scent! 

Available in both 4 and 8 ounce sizes. What's not to love? 

Live until the end of the week, or we sell out. ♥


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big John de Conqueror beats the Devil in West Hell

Welcome Boos and Ghouls! I'm excited to be able to join you on the blog tour! Today, I think I'm going to tell you the story of how John de Conqueror beat the Devil in West Hell (and stole his daughter, too!) Anything with Hell or the Devil is canon Halloween material, in my opinion!

First a bit about Conjure Oils. It is, at heart, an old time Southern style Hoodoo shop. Sure, we make-fancy pants perfumes and Witch-worthy magical oils but our roots are squarely in Hoodoo and Lukumi. 

Hoodoo is a true American magical system. It took the African beliefs of the slaves and combined them with Native American herbal lore, Protestant Christianity (particularly the Psalms of the Bible) and a deep belief in the inherent powers of herbs, minerals, and other curios. When the power living within a herb is aligned with the almighty power of prayer the power of that herb is focused and blessed transforming it into something truly magical indeed. No belief in the need to charge, cleanse or consecrate a herb or a stone exists - it's already sacred since it came from the Almighty; simply needed is the blessings of the Creator.


Now, one of the most potent and famous herbs is called John the Conqueror root (pronounced "conker") It's the root of impomea jalapa, a relative of the Morning Glory and sweet potato and has had its praises sung in many a blues song. It has a smoky, deep woody smell and the appearance of a brown, shriveled testicle. The testicle connection is of little coincidence - John the Conqueror roots are renown for their love and lust drawing properties. They are also carried for any endeavor where having "a pair" might come in handy: gambling luck, mastery, success, fertility and fortitude.

There are many theories as to who exactly John the Conqueror was. Some say he was a slave liberator, others claim he and the Orisha Shango are one in the same. While no one knows for certain, he's definitely become legendary! Here is a tale that exemplifies the might and brazen wit of John the Conqueror from from A Treasury of Southern Folklore edited by B.A. Botkin:

     "West Hell is the hottest and toughest part of that warm territory. The most disparate malefactors are the only ones condemned to West Hell. which is some miles west of Regular Hell. These souls are chained to rubber coffins so that they go bouncing though Regular Hell and on to their destination without having to be carried by the attendants as the Devil does not like to send his imps into West Hell oftener than absolutely necessary.
     This suburb of Hell is celebrated as the spot where the Devil and Big John de Conqueror had their famous fight. Big John de Conqueror had flown to Hell on the back of an eagle, had met the Devil's daughters and fallen in love with the baby girl child. She agreed to elope with him and they had stolen the Devil's famous pair of horses that went by the name of Hallowed-Be-Thy-Name and Thy-Kingdom-Come. When the Devil found out about it he hitched up his equally famous jumping bull and went in pursuit. He overtook the fleeing lovers in West Hell and they fought all over the place, so good a man, so good a devil! But way after while John tore off one of the Devil's arms and beat him, and married the Devil's daughter.
     But before he left Hell he passed out ice water to everybody in there. If you don't believe he done it, just go down to Hell and ask anybody down there and they will tell you all about it. He even turned the damper down in some parts of Hell so it's a whole lot cooler there now than it used to be. They even have to make a fire in the fireplace in the parlor now on cold nights in the wintertime. John did that because he says him and his wife expect to go home to see her folks some time and he don't like the house kept so hot like the Devil has been keeping it. And if he go back there and find that that damper has been moved up again he mans to tear up the whole job and turn West Hell into an ice-house." 

Indeed, John the Conqueror is an intriguing figure! Thanks for letting me share some fun folklore with you! Have a great Halloween!



Conjure Oils is giving away a 5ml bottle of perfume or ritual oil of your choosing! That's right; pick any 5ml off the site!  We have some spooky Hallows blends, or maybe you'll want to try out High John the Conqueror oil in the Hoodoo collection for yourself! It's completely up to you!

Here's the skinny:

To Enter:
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Good Luck!

Be sure to check out Scott Noir, Published Author of Erotica, Studly Man, "Smoldering Prose" He's next up on the Blog Tour!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 23 - Featured Blogger!

Hello Everyone!

Just a heads up, that I will be the featured blogger on October 23rd in the 13 Days of Halloween blog tour as one of the "metaphysical experts" (meep! :D) Maybe I'll tell the tale of how Big John the Conqueror beat the Devil in West Hell... We shall see!

Either way, be sure to check in that day because not only will I be sharing some spooky goodness, but Conjure Oils will be giving away a 5ml from the Hallows line of the winner's choosing! Details will be posted on the day of the blog tour, so stay tuned!



Here's the blog tour line up

Day 1 Oct. 19
Amy Williamson *Hostess with the Mostest* ParaScream Radio, Stage Actress, TV Personality, League of Extraordinary Women of Paranormal and Horror
Give-away: YES

Day 2 Oct. 20
Jo Lynne Valerie *Hostess with the Mostest* Paranormal Author, ParaGoddess, TV/Radio
Give-away: YES

Day 3 Oct. 21
Larissa Sarah *Featured Blogger*
Give-away: YES

Day 4 Oct. 22
Monica Koetz *Featured Blogger*

Day 5 Oct. 23
Conjure Oils *Featured Metaphysical Expert*
Give-away: YES

Day 6 Oct. 24
Scott Noir *Published Author of Erotica, Studly Man, "Smoldering Prose"

Day 7 Oct. 25
Fan Spotlight Day
Featuring: Psyche Soul Goddess *ParaGoddess In Training*
Featuring: Lily Oak *Publisher of Hope Open, owner of HedgeWitchery Books*

Day 8 Oct. 26
Kayleigh Jamison *Published Author, Spiritual Woman, Bookish Diva*
Give-away: YES

Day 9 Oct. 27
Intense Whisper *Featured Blogger*
Give-away: YES

Day 10 Oct. 28
Donna Carrick *Published Author of Fiction, Active Participant of #WriteChat on Twitter, Huge Hearted Gal*
Give-away: YES

Day 11 Oct. 29
Dyan Garris *Featured Blogger Visionary Mystic & Author of the Award Winning Finalist Money and Manifesting *

Day 12 Oct. 30
Women of Esoterica *Featured Paranormal Expert*
Give-away: YES

Day 13 Oct. 31
Ben Hopkin
*Featured Actor, Acting Coach Helping Other Actors Create Magic in Their Performances*

Friday, October 15, 2010

Forever October at Conjure

Hello Everyone!

What a month! I got sick on the first of October and am only now starting to feel human again. Thank you to everyone who sent me good vibes; I needed them! (and apologies to the folks who missed us at the Halloween Bazaar. We'll catch you next year!)

We're getting caught up on orders (done up to September 22nd!) and today I had the opportunity to post a couple updates that have been waiting in the wings for my health to improve.

So, to the updates!

HERE LIES... Limited Edition - This Weekend ONLY.

With only 13 available, these will be on sale through Monday (or until stock is depleted) so that they may be readied to ship for a timely Halloween arrival!

5ml of spooky brew delivered in a hand painted and stamped wooden coffin (by Vajra) complete with a personalized tombstone label on the 5ml. Please let us know the name you'd like to appear on your tombstone! :)


a tip of the Baron's top hat to the mortal coil that we all inevitably must shed...

Chthonic black patchouli, bruised plum, decaying wood, grave moss, pooling red amber, withering ghost white myrrh resin and post mortem vanilla blossoms.

The Coffin is a definite collectors item and perfect for future pip storage!


New additions to both the Miss Lucy and the Whore on Tour series!

Miss Lucy's Simply Batty!

Just shy of six months old and vying for a career as a spokesmodel for Conjure Oils! This month we celebrate Miss Lucy's pouty first visit to the pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin custard, golden amber honey, crisp crimson autumn leaves falling slowly in the afternoon sunlight and spiced apple cider warmed with vanilla syrup.


The Whore on Tour - The Middle East

This October, our heroine makes her way from the South of France to the lush pomegranate groves of the Iranian plateau. Here, she'll bask in the sun, savor the juicy garnet arils and fill her sketchbook with still life drawings of fruit heavy on the tree and the mythological meanderings of Mesopotamian underworld deities.

Deep pomegranate, raspberry patchouli, kush, musk rose, tiare, vanilla cream, date sugar and fresh black fig.


Wicked Whips of the West - Sugar Scrubs! The preview is on - this weekend only!

Wicked Whips of the West
Whipped Sugar Scrubs - 8oz jar - $29.50

PREVIEW - Made in a very limited quantity. Available while supplies last.

These Wicked Whips are nothing short of amazing!

In each 8 ounce jar, you're treated to a sensual sugar scrub with the delightful texture of marshmallow creme and the exfoliating power of pure cane sugar. It leaves your skin gorgeously soft and wonderfully perfumed.

Available in:

Black Cat Crossed My Path

Black vanilla, blacker amber and blackest patchouli, sugar peach, midnight musk and sweet cream

Guardian Angel

Thirteen vanillas, butter cream, angel food cake and layers of heavenly coconut cream

Cyanide Crumpets & Nightshade Jam

Toasted crumpets slathered in almond butter and seeded blackberry and nightshade berry jam.

O Caffeine!

A butter cream vanilla cupcake drizzled with caramel sauce and served with espresso and a devilish grin.


Let us now have a moment of silence for the Whore of Babylon in the Mythos collection, as she won't be returning from the Tour. (The Tour will continue, however!)

And that's about it! Here's to health, hauntings, and a wonderfully fragrant Halloween!



Whore of Babylon Discontinued

Last Chance: Whore of Babylon is going off the site later this afternoon. :(

Get it while you can!

If I get more orders than I can fill, a credit will be issued.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

CANCELLED - Portland Halloween Bazaar

Please note that Conjure Oils will NOT be at the Portland Halloween Bazaar today due to illness.

Thanks for your kindness and understanding.