Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Updates and a SALE!

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited about the new updates (and a secret sale!) that I had to implement them right away! :D

The Site:
I revamped the very old and boring About page. I made it way less "business" and more earthy and entertaining. Please take a look-see and let me know what you think!

Scent Strength
- with the exception of the Hoodoo line, ALL lines are now at perfume oil strength! So very many of you were requesting anointing oils in perfume oil strength that I just made it permanent. No price hike - just more delicious scented oil for your money!


To make a very gently scented anointing oil with a perfume oil:

1 small empty bottle with a cap
1 teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil (I like apricot kernel or sesame)
20 drops of your perfume oil
1 pretty label

Put the carrier oil in the bottle. Add the perfume oil. Cap 'n' shake! You can add more or less perfume oil depending on your tastes or needs. Label and date it. You may want to add a couple of drops from a vitamin E capsule as a preservative - particularly if you use almond or olive oil.

: Conjure Oils now has the best shipping prices on earth!

$0 to $50 - $2.50 domestic, $4.00 international
$51 and up - free shipping, domestic and international.

- A small "Thank You." All orders over $50 not only get free shipping, but will get a free 5ml, your choice, in the order. Add it in the comments, or send a separate email. This offer is good for 24 hours - so by 1:30 Pacific tomorrow.

Thanks everyone!


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Line - Conjure Caravan presents The Souk!

Conjure Caravan presents The Souk

Let the Conjure Caravan whisk you away to a land of lush textures, jewel-tones, exotic rhythms, serpentine dancers and sultry fragrances inspired by the roots of American Tribal Style Belly Dance.

These seductive scents are sure to raq your world!


an earthy and exotic fragrance that captures the beauty of the dancer's body in motion - from undulating, zaftig hips to beautifully henna-stained fingertips. Shreds of toasted coconut and a gentle touch of almond are enhanced with champa musk attar, sweet incense, Night Queen blooms and the barely-there impression of dried rosebuds.

deeply emotional, swarthy and expressive, dramatic and modern, Nadia is a kohl-lined, shimmering midnight gem. Death-defying Mediterranean lavender and rosemary slice through the black sandalwood and amber darkness where Moroccan jasmine, Egyptian musk and mysterious and eternal oud are pushed to the breaking point.

voluptuous, lush and ripe - a juicy and opulent blend of plumeria, davana, plump blackberries, Arabian sandalwood and white ginger blossoms sweetened with a subtle honey accord and deepened with intoxicating kush.

the classic stylings of two Egyptian musks, white Egyptian roses, sandalwood, jasmine sambac, golden lotus and honeysuckle blooms converge with cabaret sensuality - fresh fig, dry Hawaiian ginger root and other Egyptian spices.

sweet and seductive yet deceptively dangerous! Clouds of Turkish coffee and dark chocolate ensnare your senses then break open for a delicious blend of myrrh, black opium and neroli to come shining through.

playful and flirty lilac and sassy dianthus bask in the sensual glow of golden sandalwood, white opium and amber.

poetic, introspective and refreshing. Black rose, frankincense and a secret mint are sheltered by dark Arabian musk and fierce oud.

an earthen vase of resplendent blood-red roses heavy with morning dew perfume the incense-filled air. Queenly, elegant and drop-dead sexy!

vibrant and energetic! Dynamic olibanum and exhillarating Italian mandarin are invigorated by black tea and West Indian mahogany.

Enhance the Dance

Hand of Fatima
inspired by the celebrated Moroccan amulet depicting the hand of God famous for averting and protecting one from the influence of the Evil Eye. An oil as blue as the Hand itself: an apotropaic mix of blue Egyptian musk, white amber, lily of the valley, cucumber, protective and purifying frankincense, blue agave and blue lotus.

Radio Bastet
a very special perfume oil inspired by the exotic music and heady belly dance magic of Radio Bastet! Red Egyptian musk, attar of roses, golden amber, black vanilla, patchouli and champa comprise this enticing blend that will have you shimmying and swaying the night away!

For more information, please visit The Souk - only at Conjure Oils!