Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture, Doomsday or just Saturday? And Other Freaky Goodness!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the May installment of the stupendous ConjureBlog! Find inside chilling apocalyptic visions, breezy lazy Summer days and a Tuscan goddess...


So, the world was supposed to end, as I understand it, last night at 6pm Pacific (when it would have been midnight in Jerusalem, I think...) Well, I'm here and still typing! Maybe the Rapture is fashionably late? Who knows? Not I.

However, this in now way diminishes the epic lulzfest that this whole ordeal has become! And as a fan of the lulz myself, I could not resist the opportunity to commemorate the occasion with two perfume blends!

According to some, this Saturday, May 21, 2011, Jesus will be returning to Earth, taking with him the faithful to Heaven leaving all the sinners and infidels behind. Whether you'll be waiting on the lawn with your backpack to catch a ride on the celestial space bus, gearing up for post-Rapture looting, or just planning a WTFBBQ to celebrate, here are two perfumes to ring in the End!

Goin' up? Here's a light a lively blend to purify, sweeten and renew the soul.

Angel food cake laced with almond, milk and honey. Michael, row the boat ashore!
Left behind, huh? Well, I'm sure you're not the only one! Celebrate sin with this unrepentantly transgressive brew.

Smutty lust musk, sticky booze, tobacco smoke and sweaty black leather with a hint of traditional Gehennan fire and brimstone.

 No offense intended to anyone's beliefs, or non-beliefs, for that matter! Available until the End, or the 23rd or May - whichever comes first!
 Get Rapture! and Doomsday! in the Current Conjurations!


The May update in the Oddment Emporium are as follows: Serena & Beast of Babylon have been swapped out for Cherry Red Lipstick, La Estrella & La Palma just in time for Summer! The 4ml trial vials for the Seductive Sprays are now available as well!

In case you were wondering, here are the perfume descriptions:

Cupid's bow lips seductively blowing kisses across the room. Chypre spiced roses, a diabolical dry down of cardamom and a swirl of succulent black cherry

LA ESTRELLA Sparkling and distant, but never cold. This scent is all about the glitter! Grapefruit, spun sugar and shaved ice shimmer in this truly unique blend

Sweet guava, blue ocean water, and a pina colada enjoyed under the cool shade of a palm tree


It's no secret, I am in love! With The Whore on Tour - Italy, that is! So much so that I've decided to deify her and add her perfume to the Mythos collection under the name of the goddess of luck, Fortuna! 

{Roman Goddess of Fortune}

Tuscan bergamot, blood orange and ruby grapefruit are charmed with crystalline amber, clary sage, elemi, white tea, olibanum and a whisper of rosemary incense.

That, and I've prettied up the Mythos page in general  


If you're not a fan of the Conjure Oils FB page, make sure to become one! We just gave away a custom perfume blend, a 10ml and a 5ml with more giveaways planned in the future! 

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