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31 January 2016


5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $25

PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED: Proceeds after expenses will be given as a memorial donation in the name of David Bowie to the American Liver Foundation. This collection is truly a gift from one fan to another, so I feel it is best to donate any profit to the cause of liver cancer research.
  THE GRIEF IS OVERWHELMING. The morning of January 11th the world stood still. I dropped my daughter Lucy off at kindergarten when I heard it on NPR - David Bowie, dead at 69 from a long battle with liver cancer. I couldn't believe it! It was like something sucked all the air out of the car. Didn't he just have a birthday and release an album? I rode home, dripping tears and denial so thick it was nearly impossible to see. For the rest of that day and for several after all of my friends - Facebook and otherwise - were overt in their mourning. Endless outpourings of disbelief and exhalations of what David had meant to them. How he was so sacred because he validated the freak, the androgynous, the gay, the glamour, the extraterrestrial, the smooth and sexy, the Goblin King in us all.

David Bowie never announced his illness, so to us his death was seemingly spontaneous. But he knew for 18 months and spent that time writing the album Blackstar which is full of allusions to his death and the afterlife. In it we find a touching, well crafted goodbye that could only be achieved by meticulous planning. David died like he lived - a consummate artist that went out with style and grace.
He will be sorely missed on the earthly plane, but his spirit will be ever available to us. Light candles for David, lift them high and give his spirit illumination and elevation.

"This way or no way
You know, I’ll be free
Just like that bluebird
Now ain’t that just like me"
-Lazarus, Blackstar, David Bowie

A NOTE ABOUT THE CREATION AND PROCESS OF THESE OILS: These fragrances were made with heart and magick, with the intentions of love, expansion and healing in mind, using my knowledge of perfumery, alchemy, astrology and aromatherapy. As spirit would have it, I discovered that each song's scent had a specific planetary correspondence and particular energetic current. That's when I realized these perfumes were going to transcend perfume and become what Conjure Oils is truly about - magickal and ritual oils that are blended as fine perfume. All 10 planets were crafted and infused into the perfume oil. I have blended these perfumes with the most sacred ingredients and intentions: healing, soul nourishment, spirit connection, peace, prosperity as well as otherworldly, extraterrestrial elements, glamour magick, sacred sexuality and beautiful gender queer energy. Open you heart, mind and spirit and use these scents with prayer and intention, or as always, you can slather on their seductively delicious scents!

REGARDING INGREDIENTS: Please note that even though the flower essences describe a plant name, they do not impart a fragrance into the perfume. They are purely an energetic essence used by the drop.

COST AND DONATIONS: The majority of the components are natural essential oils, as they contain the most energy and are connected to the natural world. I used the finest oils in my possession and because of this, these blends should retail for about $45/5ml, since all the proceeds of this collection will be donated to the American Liver Foundation in his name, we will charge $25/5ml but will accept donations at madv at conjureoils dot com.
Love and Bliss Eternal,
Ashes to Ashes
Solar Sweetness

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom's a junkie
Strung out in heaven's high
Hitting an all-time low”

The unguents of positivity, rebirth and motivation. For those days life truly feels like an all time low: Solar energies infused into Indonesian clove bud, cypress, bergamot, sweet orange, blood cedar and a hint of wild rose with the ashes of the 23rd psalm sprinkled in, adding the power of the prayer to the perfume.

Venusian Vapors

“I’m a blackstar, way up, oh honey, I’ve got game
I see right so white, so open-heart it’s pain
I want eagles in my daydreams, diamonds in my eyes”

To open the heart, be free from pain, to help cope with loss and tragedy: The sacred energy of Venus is incorporated into temple sandalwood, bergamot, palmarosa, wild marjoram, cypress, black cyclamen and ruh khus with Borage for buoyant courage and optimism and to counter depressive feelings and Love-Lies-Bleeding flower essence that helps alleviate personal intense suffering and melancholia and the ability to move beyond personal pain. .

China Girl
Neptune's Essence

“My little China girl
You shouldn't mess with me
I'll ruin everything you are
I'll give you television
I'll give you eyes of blue
I'll give you man who wants to rule the world”

Obsessions and moodiness are balanced by night blooming jasmine tea, China musk, notes of rain beating loud as thunder, yuzu, hinoki, rose geranium, clary sage, osmanthus and tender bamboo leaves with Neptune influenced gem and flower essences of Labradorite and Grass Widow. Labradorite for psychic awareness and discernment and Grass Widow is is emotionally uplifting, releases pain from the past and encourages one to be comfortable in their independence.

Lady Stardust
Jupiter's Spice

“People stared at the makeup on his face
Laughed at his long black hair, his animal grace
The boy in the bright blue jeans
Jumped up on the stage
And lady stardust sang his songs
Of darkness and disgrace”

A perfume ritually formulated to reduce shame and enliven pride. To transform darkness and disgrace to joy and grace.. Black musk, black patchouli, petitgrain, neroli and vanilla infused toasted sandalwood and blessed with flower essence of Dogwood and Gem essence of Ruby. Dogwood eases awkward painful awareness of the body, bringing physical and etheric harmony to the body. Ruby gem essence helps you to shine in the world, carrying an energy of regal abundance and exuberance!Black or pink glitter available ONLY upon request - just say what color you'd like in the comments to merchant box.

Life on Mars?
Earthen Attar

“Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?”

This scent is formulated to be extremely grounding and centering. Use it to align with the earth element and with reality to get a centered perspective on matters. Good to use when you're feeling like there is life on mars and that reality tv is actually real. Also good for spell and energy work to attract money and prosperity because of its connection with the earth element. Excellent for simply grounding and centering. 

Patchouli infused honey is blended with opulent notes of warmed milk, black tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, ginger and clove and tonka bean. Flower essences for prosperity and Green Nicotiana for opening the heart to the pulse of the earth, giving one the ability to reconnect to the earth and reestablish connection with the planet by finding assistance in disconnecting at will with earth damaging forces such as electronics, war, agriculture, fossil fuels and other forces. Pyrite, used in Hoodoo as a attractant to money, success and good luck is also sprinkled in the oil.

Moonage Daydream
Lunar Elixir

“I'm the space invader, I'll be a rock 'n' rollin' bitch for you…”

Here is a potion that is purely lunar, making it perfect for psychic work, divination, prophetic dreams and lunar magic. An ethereal blend of willow, cucumber, white tea, blue lotus,white poppy, jasmine sambac, mugwort and white gulab attar with Mugwort and St. John's Wort flower essences. Mugwort possesses the properties of integration of dream symbolism with life. and a balanced psychic life, not one that isn't overloaded. St. John's Wort is illuminated consciousness, protection from psychic or physical vulnerability, relief from disturbed dreams and a connection with the spirit world that helps alleviate depression that was caused by spiritual isolation.

Queen Bitch
Mercurial Effusion

“She's so swishy in her satin and tat
In her frock coat
and bipperty-bopperty hat
Oh God, I could do better than that”

Queen Bitch says what she means and means what she says. This oil is formulate to enhance intelligence, improve communication, to advance the self and to boost eloquence. Indian sandalwood blended, tonka bean with toasted almond, pomegranate, lily of the valley, lemongrass, mulberry and clary sage with Calendula and Hound's Tongue flower essence. Calendula helps to heal patterns of verbal abuse, heals the use of spoken dialogue, heals warmth and receptivity. Hound's Tongue heals the integration of imagination and intellect and lightens thoughts and all other heavy sensations or feelings.

Rebel Rebel
Martian Incense

“Hot tramp, I love you so!”

Rebel Rebel's Martian influence is hot and energetic - healing physical, magickal and sexual energy. It also enhances courage and protection as well. Dragon's blood dances with ginger, tobacco, black pepper, coriander and allspice with Hibiscus and Pomegranate flower essences. Hibiscus is for warmth and responsive sexuality. An integration of soul love and physical passion. Allows one to enjoy a sexual experience. Pomegranate is expressing creativity in the world it its most exalted format creating deep joy from this process.

Space Oddity
Perfume of Pluto

“And the stars look very different today…”

Pluto rules over birth and death, those deep mysteries of the occult and the underworld. Like Major Tom who drifts off to a new life ushered in by death. Oils of deep earth and endless space: black patchouli, myrrh resin, frost laden loam, cypress, galangal and pomegranate with hyacinth to represent the myth of Pluto who abducted Persephone. Enhanced with gem essence of Black Tourmaline that dissolves our wounds into the black healing light of space and Angel Trumpet allows one to open their soul to the spiritual world, helps process the fear of death or the soul's need for transition.

Saturn Spirits

“There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds”

Saturn rules over the Starman - the stability and structure of Ziggy's mystique. It gives endurance, patience and is a portal to our past lives. Allow the Saturnine structure to lend you stability. Rich patchouli, black myrrh, ruh khus with Angelica flower essence that eases the feelings of being a spiritual orphan and and getting guidance and protection from spiritual beings.

Uranus Unguent

David was legendary for is ability to seamlessly slip between the gender binary. While many in the mainstream at the time found it absolutely abhorrent and yet another harbinger of the breakdown of society, the rest us fabulous folk fount it to be a life line, one that validated our freak selves and gave us permission to slide back and forth just the same.

Ruled by the planet of innovation and originality, the oils used in this perfume are ruled by Uranus and can be worn by any gender to invoke creative genius and sexual ambiguity with a secret formula that beautifully invigorates the scents of the darkness of earth and the bright musk of spring florals. Calla Lily flower essence helps the wounding from gender bias and the pain of discrimination.


Anisocoria is the medical term for David’s condition – one pupil permanently dilated. The disorder began when he was 15 and got in a scrap with a close friend of his over a girl. This left him with a look that bordered on mystical or otherworldly, fitting seamlessly with his man who fell to earth persona.

Chiron is the asteroid as well as a deity that is known as the Centaur. As a celestial body, it is Chiron that finds a place when you're born, like any planet is supposed to do. As a deity Chiron deals with all aspects of health and disease and how they affect our spiritual path. Chiron himself represents the wounded healer. Like Bowie performing in spite of his eye, it healed those who came to see him. And like Chiron, Bowie found strength through adversity, as does this fragrance. Dried tobacco, willow, Parma violet, Egyptian Sandalwood, aged oak, blood cedar, marionberry and persimmon. Self Heal flower essence connects the body to the spirit of healing and gives you the motivation for healing the self.

Long Live the Goblin King

In 1986, David Bowie played Jareth, the Goblin King in the film Labyrinth who tormented young Sarah as she struggled through the twists and turns to get Toby, the little brother who she wished away to the Goblin King herself. Besides  John Blaylock in The Hunger, Jareth is one of Bowie’s most cherished, beloved and iconic roles.

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me!”
With the Passing of Bowie, we must also acknowledge the passing of Jareth, the Goblin King. The Goblin King is dead! Long live the Goblin King!

The asteroid Ceres is the nurturer. And like the Goblin King, who wanted to be a nurturer, whether it was to turn Toby into one of the goblin minions he "cares" for, or longing for the love of Sarah, whom he would be a slave for. At the center of the twisted heart of the Goblin King was the most impossible thing: true love. Notes of raw lust and devotion: red patchouli, aged tonka absolute infused with vanilla resin. ruh gulab, crimson opium, dazzling pomegranate and commanding calamus. Mugwort flower essence is remarkable for allowing the psychic and the dream world unite in real life and to maintain a multidimensional consciousness, all needed to enter realms such as Labyrinth - and to find your way home. If you want to return...

Major Tom

Mentioned in three Bowie songs, namely  Space Oddity as the astronaut commander of the capsule that gets lost in space, as well as Ashes to Ashes where Major Tom falls from the heavens, medicating himself and reaching an all time low. Major Tom has become somewhat of an entity in his own right and can be found in other places such as Peter Schilling’s Major Tom (Coming Home).

The asteroid Juno represents relationships, true love and beauty, even diplomacy. It's no accident we hear "Tell my wife I love her very much!" "She knows!" Major Tom has been formulated to uplift sadness, fill the hole within so there's no need for self medication. Allow it to engulf you in self love. Triumphant and glorious oils of love and success: cinnamon, ginger absolute, clove bud, mulberry, African violet, Dragon's Blood, Adriatic fig, sweet orange, plum, tonka bean and aged vanilla with drops of Joshua Tree flower essence that release karma that is passed down through the family line allowing freedom from habits that hold you down, whether karmically influenced or not.

Ziggy Stardust
Pallas Athena

Libertine hedonist, androgynous Starman, Martian Messiah, David completely immersed himself in the character and the lifestyle of this man who fell to earth. He played with his band The Spiders from Mars iconic songs such as Ziggy Stardust, Moonage Daydream, Suffragette City and Lady Stardust. His style was legendary: half sci-fi rock and part Kabuki, blatantly bisexual and glittering glamorous

Pallas Athena is fitting as our final asteroid. Representing creativity and intellect, I think it is a fitting conclusion to this collection. Let this fragrance enhance the genius and the creative mind within yourself: Exotic benzoin is expertly blended with lily of the valley, bergamot, lavender, papyrus, lovely linden and lemongrass. The flower essence Downy Avens is added as it integrates intelligence with heart and mind.