Friday, January 25, 2008

Cabin Fever Mid-Winter Sale!

Greetings All!

The local retailer, Practically Divine, will be relocating during the next month so I have all of my stock back from that store. So as to not deprive folks from the luxury of instant gratification, I will hold a sale for the time being on the remaining stock!

There is no wait time for these oils - they were freshly made for Yule and are ready to ship!

Here's the deal:

* For every two bottles bought, you get one free (of equal or lesser value)
* Free shipping on orders of $40 or less (so you can get two bottles, the free bottle
still get free shipping!) Orders over $40 will be shipped Priority Mail at a $6 flat rate - no matter how many you buy!
* Only the oils listed are applicable to the sale and once they're gone, they're gone (from the sale, that is! Not the catalog!)
* Sorry, but in order to make this sale run smoothly, you can't add on other catalog items to your order (samples included.) However, you're free to place a separate order for your other items!

This sale will end on January 30th at Midnight, PST.


Please email me directly at:

(this is an image of my email address) with what you'd like and I'll send you an invoice. Once that is paid, your oils will go in the mail the next business day! It's that easy!

And without further ado, I present to you the sale oils!

Please refer to the Conjure Oils website for scent descriptions!

5ml Bottles - $15 Each
3 Boreas - North Wind
2 Eurus - East Wind
3 Notus - South Wind
3 Zephyrus - West Wind
3 Anemoi - Four Winds (Center)

5ml Bottles - $15 Each
2 Demeter
1 Kali Ma
3 Cernunnos
2 Persephone
2 Loki
3 Pan
1 Artemis
3 Hecate

5ml Bottles - $15 Each
1 Job Finder
2 Espiritista
1 Protection
2 Prosperity
2 Come To Me
1 Success
2 Return To Sender
2 Cleanse and Purify
3 Repelling

5ml Bottles - $15 Each
3 Yule
1 Samhain

5ml Bottles - $20 Each
3 Egyptian Musk
2 Old World Jasmine
3 Sweet Myrrh
1 Dragon's Blood
2 Mysore Sandalwood
3 Indian Patchouli
3 French Lavender
3 Golden Amber
3 Ethiopian Frankincense

5ml Bottle - $25 Each

These are one of a kind - They were special requests by the store and won't be listed in the GC. Ever.

1 Monoi de Tahitian Tiare (Gardenia)
1 Italian Lemon
1 Egyptian Carnation

I hope you find things to your liking!

This list is current as of 1.25.08 at 7pm PST

Thank you,


Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Sampler and Sample-Only Shipping is Back!

Blessings All,

Free shipping on ALL orders up to $25! After that, shipping is $6 Priority!

Up to $25 = $0.00 (Shipped First Class)
$26 to $150 = $6.00
$151 to $300 = $12.00
Over $301 = shipping waived.

Options for those who are Overseas:

International Global Priority Air: (lickety-split)
Up to $300 = $15.00 flat rate
Over $301 = shipping waived


$7 flat rate for Global First Class: (a bit pokey)


Free First Class Global Shipping for orders $25 and less!

All packages are shipped with Delivery Confirmation!

Packages are shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The shipping times listed at the check-out are transit times. Remember, you're paying for quality and that takes time to prepare and get out the door! All items are made to order.

Please email us if you need Rush shipping so arrangements can be made. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Thanks everyone! :)


Conjure Oils - Things with a Good Smell Keep You Safe From Hell!

The Cult of the Whore and the Beast of Babylon

The Cult of the Whore and the Beast of Babylon
Hello Everyone!

Please join me in welcoming the new Limited Editions to the Conjure Oils line - The Cult of the Whore and the Beast of Babylon.

From the website:

A lustful line in time for Lupercalia! Depraved decadence wrought with debauchery; a celebration of the sins of the flesh.

All 5ml, 10ml and Roll-On bottles and Sample Sets come adorned with labels festooned with gorgeous graphic art and are carefully tucked into their own glimmering sheer organza pouches before they're shipped to you. Perfectly packaged as a gift for someone you love, particularly yourself.

They will be available until the Spring Equinox. Please click the image to be whisked away to the Conjure Oils website!