Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Conjure Oils and Other Delights!

Hello Everyone!

July 13th marks Conjure Oils' 3rd birthday! So in celebration, we've created a line of 10 oils riffing on the CO slogan "Pick Yer Poison."

We also have added a new line called Book of Shadows, added Kraken Up! and Gears of Imagination to Miss Victoria's, added Luscious Grapefruit and Sweetest Strawberry single notes to the Apothecary and we've added new soaps for July to the Oddment Emporium!

And... Spring Time and Nursery Rhymes will remain live throughout July!

How's that for an update? All that and a hard drive crash.




Summer 2010

A celebratory Limited Edition line. Happy Birthday to CO!

A Strychnine Kiss*

I could kiss you to death!

Sparkling pomegranate wine, white patchouli, vanilla musk, pink gardenia and amber incense

* thanks to the Legendary Pink Dots for the inspiration! They're one of my favorite bands and can't recommend them enough!


Theobromine, the active ingredient in chocolate, is the chemical responsible for the sensation of falling in love. Too much of it is lethal. Can love, in large doses, do you in as well?

This is too much love, chocolate style. Really. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate truffle, cocoa nibs, rich cocoa butter and a splash of vanilla bean liqueur. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Arsenic Ambrosia

Ahh... ambrosia. The immortality bestowing food enjoyed by gods and demi gods alike! Our ambrosia may not be on the menu on Mt. Olympus, but that doesn't make it any less divine - though you can probably forget the immortal part - ours has a little secret ingredient added to ensure that!

Billows of whipped cream ooze between layers of toasted coconut meat, crushed pineapple, candied walnuts, fresh mandarin orange slices and sweet tiny marshmallows and topped with a light dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon and something sinister.

Cyanide Crumpets & Nightshade Jam

Fresh from the oven! Perfect for a picnic followed by a dirt nap.

Toasted crumpets slathered in almond butter and seeded blackberry and nightshade berry jam.

Ella's Demons

A lysergic leap done the rabbit hole. This one is a morpher! If you could see it, it would leave trails of multicolored light.

Dirty hippie patchouli with swirls of psychedelic cinnamon, orange blossom, tonka, sweet fig and black currant.


Inhale deeply and go under slowly... At last, sweet oblivion!

gossamer oleander, pale sandalwood, amber musk, honey grapefruit, dried poppy flowers and a single white rose.

Man's Ruin

Doesn't matter if it's booze, sex, drugs, rock n' roll, fast cars, faster women, gambling or, well, you name it! All we can say is that this one is trouble!

Cracked leather, bourbon whiskey, honeyed tobacco and the lingering scent of danger and her perfume.

O Caffeine!

You can sleep when you're dead!

A butter cream vanilla cupcake drizzled with caramel sauce and served with espresso and a devilish grin.

Opium Tea

Opium has a reputation for being the poison of choice for poets, artists and dreamers. Let its warm haze wash over you with this soporific mix.

Black opium, narcotic musk, aged vanilla tea resin, Tangiers myrrh and curls of sweet, white floral smoke.


Fact: In the Victorian era poisoning was the method most preferred by gentlewomen to commit most heinous acts of murder.

Sugared Victorian tea rose, candied violet petals and sweet pink strawberry tea with cream obscure a dark heart of subtle red peppercorn and blackest amber.