Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buy 2 get 1 FREE sale! Free Prototype and Limited Edition!


Buy 2 get 1 FREE!
(5ml or 10ml bottles only, no samples or Limited Editions. Freebie must be of equal or lesser value.) 

Order through the website as you would normally. To add your free items, simply write your selections in the comments section, or email Easy peasy!

If your order totals $75 or more (meaning the total due, not once the freebies are factored in! LOL!) You'll get a free prototype of:

RATI - Indian Goddess of Physical Pleasures, consort of Kama
Sensual red musk, dark amber, Indian patchouli, aged vanilla resin, ripe fig, juicy crimson strawberry and a delicate garland of jasmine and violet blossoms.

Purchase $100 or more and in addition to Rati, you'll get a free 5ml of a Limited Edition - our choice! Spread the word!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tarot Customs, Contests and Four Thieves!

Conjure Oils - Fine Fragrances | Sacred & Profane

For the last several lunations, I have been secretly working on multiple deeply magickal projects. Most are still "cooking" but some are ready for preview! It is with great excitement that I present, for your consideration, the following work:


Essentially, it's a reading in a bottle. By focusing on one of the following aspects of interest: Creativity, Love, Prosperity or Spirituality, I will do a tarot spread that enables me to communicate with both my and your ancestral spirits who will reveal blockages and the means of their alleviation, illuminate opportunities for growth, anticipate potential pitfalls, explore future possibilities and outcomes.

I will email you the details of your reading with a photo of the reading attached to it. Now for the truly inspired part: I will then create a 10ml apothecary bottle of magickal perfume using an interpretation of the cards in the reading. By utilizing the concepts of aromatherapy, magickal herbalism (Western as well as Hoodoo) and planetary as well as elemental associations a one of a kind potion will be formulated help overcome the energetic blockages, enhance areas of growth and to attract fortuitous future outcomes that are specific to you. The perfume will be lovingly hand crafted in a ritual environment and empowered with prayer and reiki.

Because of the complex nature of the project and my almost compulsive dedication to crafting an absolutely wonderful product,  I can only offer 10 readings over the next three months. This would normally be $200 ($150 for a custom and $50 for the reading) but since this is the first time I'm offering this type of endeavor, It will be $150, postage paid (and I'll also include a little 4ml body spray/hair gloss of your fragrance as well, just 'cause)

Payment is due to secure your place. Please specify your interest: Creativity, Love, Prosperity or Spirituality. Please email vajra at conjureoils dot com to schedule your reading.


During the dark times of the Black Death, a group of four ne'er do wells were captured whilst looting bodies that had succumbed to the plague. Curious about their ability to avoid illness while knee deep in crime and disease, the arresting officers granted the Thieves leniency in exchange for the formula behind their success and thus the Legend of the Four Thieves was born.

There are other stories you can research that are more than likely the linguistic origin of Four Thieves, but they don't have the same drama and flair, so we won't share them here. Suffice to say, the Four Thieves formula has been around for centuries used as an anti microbial formulation fending off pestilence long before the science existed that backed it up. Over time, however, Four Thieves was integrated into the magickal formulary as a wash used to protect one's self from magickal attacks and pestiferous people as well as for health and well being.

We at Conjure have long sung the praises of Four Thieves and are proud to at last offer a preview of it to you!  Postage is built into the cost of the items.

Doktor Viktoria's Four Thieves Vinegar Elixir 8oz glass bottle  - $35 (only 10 bottles available)
     This is the traditional preparation of the Four Thieves formula. Add to your bathwater, floor wash, or use as  an apotropaic salad dressing!
     Organic red wine vinegar, organic garlic cloves, organic red pepper pods, organic springs of rosemary and a pinch of black salt.

Doktor Viktoria's Four Thieves 5ml Ritual Oil Preparation - $20 (only 10 bottles available)
     Made entirely with organic essential oils that have antiviral, antiseptic and immune system stimulating properties. Not only will it help protect you against that nasty bugs of the cold and flu season (try a couple of drops in an oil burner, a diffuser, or added to a spray bottle filled with spring water) magically, it will deter people who are actively working against you through thought, word or deed. Simply anoint black candles and burn them over the pesky person's name paper and/or personal concerns. 
     Juniper berry, clove SCO2, cold pressed lemon, Madagascar cinnamon bark, Blue eucalyptus, rosemary, Bulgarian lavender, steam-distilled ravensara and bay leaf with a pinch of herb mixture, all orgainc: sage, oregano, thyme, lavender blossoms, hyssop and pine.

Doktor Viktoria's Four Thieves Bar Soap 4oz - $10 (Only 10 bars available)
     Formulated to be potently purifying. Use to cleanse and exfoliate you skin and your spirit! Perfect for this time of year when the seasons are changing.

     Each bar is a hefty hunk of red glycerine soap scented with Doktor Viktoria's Four Thieves Ritual Oil and embedded with black soap skulls as well as sacred sage, holy hyssop and lavender blossoms then topped with  a substantial chunky raw black salt crust. 

To order: Calculate the total amount of your order and send payment via paypal to paypal at conjureoils dot com. If you would like to add more items to your order, or a Bottle of Tarot, please email vajra at conjureoils dot com and I will send you an invoice. If you'd like to avoid paypal altogether and want to pay by credit card, send an email to vajra at conjureoils dot com with your phone number, or call 971-235-3004 between 12  -7 Pacific. An email will reserve your item. First come, first served.


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I hope you've enjoyed this preview and as always, I know you have multiple wonderful places to procure your perfumes and ritual oils and I am grateful and humbled that you choose Conjure. It is my heart and soul.

All the best,