Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Additions for Spring at Conjure Oils!

Hello Everyone!

It's becoming lovely out here in Oregon as we move closer to the Vernal Equinox. Just today it was sunny and a little over 60 degrees. Daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, magnolias, azalea and forsythia are all in gorgeous bloom.

New Additions to Conjure Oils!

The Oddment Emporium

Soaps and solid perfumes are here! Please welcome the Oddment Emporium where you can indulge your senses with a rotating selection of old-fashioned, all-natural, cruelty-free bath and beauty compounds that are meticulously handmade in small batches and generously scented with Conjure Oils' own proprietary fragrance formulas!

The current fragrance selections are Anemoi, Baron Samedi, Black Heart of Innocence and Whore of Babylon. The scent selections will change every month.

Shipping for the Oddment Emporium is different than the rest of the site. When you order anything from the OE, your order will need to be shipped in a $5 flat-rate Priority mail box. In order for this to happen, there is a add to cart button on the OE page where you can add the extra $2.25 required. Feel free to add anything else from the rest of the Conjure Oils site to your Oddment Emporium order! Remember - if your order totals $50 or over you don't need to add the extra shipping charge as shipping is free.

International OE orders will still be shipped first class with the extra shipping charge going toward the increased cost of shipping.

You can also add the $2.25 to your oils-only order if you'd like to upgrade your shipping to Priority. Please note that upgrading your shipping only alters the shipping time your package takes once it leaves Conjure Oils - it has no effect on the turn around time. If you don't order anything from the OE, then your under $50 shipping charge is still $2.75.

Search Engine

We have a search engine (finally)! It's on the main page of the Conjure Oils site. It's not the most sophisticated search engine ever, but it will do. For now.

New Scents Added to the General Catalog

To the Mythos collection:

Vajrayogini - Indestructible Diamond

Vajrayogini is the supreme deity in the Highest Yoga Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism. She transforms the mundane into the magickal and defeats death, using it as a tool toward enlightenment.

Tibetan black musk, dhoop, molten red amber and spiced Eastern white sandalwood.

To Miss Victoria's Atypical Teahouse:

Tempus Fugit Torte

Time flies. Particularly when the dessert you're devouring is magnificent!

A solemn party celebrating the inevitable we all must face. Vanilla cake, butter cream frosting, melting ice cream and funeral incense.

To the Apothecary collection:

Lightning & Rain,
Champagne Bubbles,
Coconut Milk
Champa Bouquet

A special thanks to all the folks in the Facebook Conjure Oils' fan page who gave their valuable input and suggestions! I hope these changes and additions are pleasing to you.

All the best,