Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Update in the Newfangled Notions is LIVE!

Hello Everyone!

Spring fever is consuming me! I want it to be spring so bad. Perhaps that's why the February installment of the Newfangled Notions is so spring like in it's optimism and celebration. Plus, today is my birthday, so that always puts me in a good mood!

Anyway, without further ado, I present you the Newfangled Notions for February! Be on the lookout for the Oddment Emporium update next week!




Vajra's 35th Birthday Vajra

In Vajrayana Buddhism the Vajra (or Dorje as it is known in Tibet) is considered a spiritual weapon representing the tenacity of soul and spiritual might. It is likened to a diamond - the only substance than can cut everything except itself. The Vajra is a reminder of our power and our indestructible nature.

Sacred sandalwood and frankincense sweetened with rare Nepalese amber, pure honey, black currant and thick vanilla resin

Miss Lucy's Haiku

To my daughter at the first sign of spring, a haiku:

Sweet little love bird
nesting warmly in my heart
your eyes know: we're home.

Fresh fig, tonka bean, paperwhite narcissus, robin's egg blue delphinium with a comforting heart of vanilla infused amber.

The Whore on Tour - Italy

Wintering in Italy, the Whore wanders lazily through bergamot and lemon groves soaking in the Mediterranean sunshine and finding inspiration in the sea spray heavy in the air. Piquant herbal gardens surround her with their balsamic aroma as she sits planning spring rites of renewal and regeneration in the ancient traditions of the Stregas that have preceded her for centuries.

A perfume to bring the spring thaw: Tuscan bergamot, blood orange and ruby grapefruit are warmed with crystalline amber, clary sage, elemi, white tea, olibanum and purifying rosemary incense.

Available until the end of April.