Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 23 - Featured Blogger!

Hello Everyone!

Just a heads up, that I will be the featured blogger on October 23rd in the 13 Days of Halloween blog tour as one of the "metaphysical experts" (meep! :D) Maybe I'll tell the tale of how Big John the Conqueror beat the Devil in West Hell... We shall see!

Either way, be sure to check in that day because not only will I be sharing some spooky goodness, but Conjure Oils will be giving away a 5ml from the Hallows line of the winner's choosing! Details will be posted on the day of the blog tour, so stay tuned!



Here's the blog tour line up

Day 1 Oct. 19
Amy Williamson *Hostess with the Mostest* ParaScream Radio, Stage Actress, TV Personality, League of Extraordinary Women of Paranormal and Horror
Give-away: YES

Day 2 Oct. 20
Jo Lynne Valerie *Hostess with the Mostest* Paranormal Author, ParaGoddess, TV/Radio
Give-away: YES

Day 3 Oct. 21
Larissa Sarah *Featured Blogger*
Give-away: YES

Day 4 Oct. 22
Monica Koetz *Featured Blogger*

Day 5 Oct. 23
Conjure Oils *Featured Metaphysical Expert*
Give-away: YES

Day 6 Oct. 24
Scott Noir *Published Author of Erotica, Studly Man, "Smoldering Prose"

Day 7 Oct. 25
Fan Spotlight Day
Featuring: Psyche Soul Goddess *ParaGoddess In Training*
Featuring: Lily Oak *Publisher of Hope Open, owner of HedgeWitchery Books*

Day 8 Oct. 26
Kayleigh Jamison *Published Author, Spiritual Woman, Bookish Diva*
Give-away: YES

Day 9 Oct. 27
Intense Whisper *Featured Blogger*
Give-away: YES

Day 10 Oct. 28
Donna Carrick *Published Author of Fiction, Active Participant of #WriteChat on Twitter, Huge Hearted Gal*
Give-away: YES

Day 11 Oct. 29
Dyan Garris *Featured Blogger Visionary Mystic & Author of the Award Winning Finalist Money and Manifesting *

Day 12 Oct. 30
Women of Esoterica *Featured Paranormal Expert*
Give-away: YES

Day 13 Oct. 31
Ben Hopkin
*Featured Actor, Acting Coach Helping Other Actors Create Magic in Their Performances*

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