Monday, February 27, 2012


Once every four years, a spectacular day is sandwiched snugly in between February 28th and March 1st. Most commonly known as Leap Year, February 29th allows for the alignment of human time with the chaos of the cosmos. More specifically, it was created in the Gregorian calendar to ensure that the Vernal Equinox is as close to March 21 as possible. This assures that the Christian holiday of Easter will fall on the full moon on or after the first day of spring. This is where the curious comes in - because that arrangement seems splendidly pagan if you ask me!

So, join me in celebrating the human desire to create order out of chaos and ride the wild waves of the cosmos - all so we can celebrate rebirth and resurrection by basking in the light of the full moon.

A union of time and space: A sky riddled with distant and dry vanilla stars set in a void of black musk, red dwarf myrrh, and deep sandalwood.

In other news...

NYX has been added to the Mythos collection in the general catalog. It was just too good to see go.

{Greek Goddess of the Night}
Nyx is the exceedingly dark, beautiful, powerful and unknowable Greek goddess of the Night who witnessed the birth of all of creation. She is Mother of the deepest mysteries that have haunted humanity since the beginning of time: The Mother of Moros (Doom), Styx (Hate), Hypnos (Sleep) & Thanatos (Death) and many, many others.

Egyptian myrrh, amber resin, opium tar, antique patchouli, moonflower, black tea and tonka bean.

Also, the Paczki series as well as Revolution 36 and Erzulie's Kiss are still available! Just look at the last two updates listed beneath this one on the website.

So, there you have it! Have a great Leap Year's Day and howl at the moon for me! See you again in four years with another installment...



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