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LOVE, Lupertine 2014 and SEVEN WONDERS - LIVE at Conjure!

English can be a bit lacking when it comes to ways to describe LOVE. I mean, there are compound words like in love, deep love, true love but they aren't words themselves. I thought it was interesting when I came across these unique Greek words for different variations for love to represent our Lupertine collection for 2014. I have crafted these very potent oils not only to be gorgeously fragrant, but to embody the properties of each type of love. If you want a good time, Ludus is what you want, want some crazy sexy time with a bit of danger? Eros is for you. And so it goes with each scent! All blended with the expertise that you can't find anywhere else other than Conjure Oils. Have a wonderful Lupertine and get the love YOU want! Of course, you can always just wear them because you like the scent! No harm in that. Either way, I hope you enjoy Conjure's Lupertine 2014 collection!


Named after the Greek god of fertility and represented an idea of passion and desire. It also had a connotation of danger and wildness, where people would lose themselves and "fall" in love. as in a type of possession.
Immerse yourself in the madness and passion and danger that the desire of Eros can bring.
Provocative patchouli is melded with sultry notes of juicy hips of rose and bloody thorns, sacred crimson apple incense and myrtle all topped with passionate aged vanilla resin.



Philia, simply put, is friendship. Valued by the Greeks far more than the sexuality of Eros, Philia was the love between brothers in arms who fought in combat together. It embodied friendly loyalty, sacrifice, and sharing your deep dark feelings with one another. In this day and age of Twitter and FaceBook it really wouldn't hurt to take an inventory and see how many people how many people with whom you truly share Philia.

Deep, everlasting and dedicated cedar, palo santo and black copal are brightened and enlivened with Meyer lemon and blissful sweet pea.



The playful love shared between children or young lovers. The twinkle of belly butterfly you get from flirting or the joy that comes from good times spent with friends, or going out dancing and connecting with a mysterious stranger and enjoying a mutual attraction.

Mysterious coconut meat, smoky patchouli, honey dusting powder, peach brandy, pink musk and all-night-long loving moonflower.



Selfless love and perhaps the most radical of all the loves. This was love that was extended to all people: friend, family, stranger, foreigner, etc. In Buddhism they call it "universal loving kindness" and in Christianity it is known as "gift love". Empathy is a hard love to master these days, it seems. It seems some folks find it simpler to forget people in need and dismiss those who are different.
One of the greatest things we can do spiritually is to exercise out compassion and our empathy. Be sure to extend your love to the world and all the people in it.

Oils sacred to Green Tara, our lady of compassion, blended to open the heart and help one to extend love to all: Golden sandalwood dhoop, gorgeous and resplendent bergamot, green lotus, heady gardenia and frangipani. A truly loving and radiant sacred elixir. .



Long-Standing love developed between couples that have spent ages together. Pragma is about making the relationship to last over the long haul by learning how make comprises, cultivate patience, understanding and tolerance
As psychiatrist Fromme says, be sure you're not spending too much time falling in love. Make sure you're crafting something that will last and work for you over the long term.

A loving and enduring fragrance crafted with the spirit of endurance and love that lasts: Mighty redwood, Dragon's Blood, crimson carnation, High John the Conqueror infusion, aged myrrh, blonde patchouli and purifying sage, juniper and a tiny drop of cinnamon so the passion endures with the relationship.



Philautia, or Self Love and Narcissism. Philautia the love of the self allows for a wider capacity to love. If you like yourself and are secure there will be lots of love to be spread about. As Aristotle says, "All friendly feelings for others are an extension of a man's feelings for himself.
In Narcissism one becomes self obsessed and focuses only one's personal fame and fortune.
PHTLAUTIA is a fragrance to enhance one's love for the self and the healthy desire to spread that love throughout the universe. A cosmic blend that helps energy grow and expand throughout the universe. It it designed to only send and increase love.
Red rose, Parma violet, Aged vanilla, neroli, golden frankincense and Indian patchouli.

NARCISSISM is an elixir crafted to heal the heart and create more independence, self love and security. Perfect for anointing the self, the heart or the soles of the feet.
Narcissus, Arabian sandalwood, oakmoss, Meyer lemon, orange peel,, ginger, olibanum and a drop of clove.

Inspired by a particular show on TV that shall remain nameless because I don't want any trouble, I present you with a list of Seven Powers - a list of seven psychic properties that young witches must pass in a test if they are to become the Supreme of the coven. These perfumes are designed to embody the spirit of the power, not to actually give you the power. I'm not that good! I may be a Supreme, but unfortunately, I'm one that comes with sour cream! Now I've said enough! On we go to the powers...



Mind Control.
Black sandalwood, orris root, heliotrope, calamus root, honeysuckle and a drop of ylang-ylang



To travel between life and the afterlife.
Graveyard dirt, opoponax, Spanish moss, calla lily, opium poppy.


To predict the future either with a tool such as cards, shells or crystals, or with the mind alone.
Vanilla musk, a drop of vetiver, orange, clove, licorice, violet, Moroccan myrrh, and night blooming white ginger blossom.



To set fire to objects with the mind.
Chipotle ice cream, cinnamon sugar, red pepper infused vanilla simple syrup.



The ability to move and levitate objects with the mind.
English lavender, white sage, pinon pine, white amber, Himalayan cedar, juniper berry, yew needles.



To transform from one location instantaneously.
Heliotrope, wisteria, vanilla incense, patchouli, pomegranate, African violet and a touch of wild leather.



To raise someone or yourself from the dead..
Coconut, Sudanese frankincense, Red sandalwood, magnolia, cinnamon, ambergris, lotus and deep, black myrrh. 

Have a wonderful season of love and magick!

All the best,


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