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Happy Lupercalia, Valentine's Day, or Lupertine, as I've come to call it! This is the time of year for things to heat up, so without further ado - come one, come all to witness the stunning beauty and talent demonstrated by the show girls of yesteryear! Va va va voom!
Mlle. Victoria's Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret 2012 fragrances are available in one size, two styles:

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $18
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle Glass Roll-On -$19
De Faya's gutsy glamour comes from her ability to proudly display the military look! Strong and tall, she marches this sexy look decades ahead into the future!
A bold, confident blend: White sandalwood musk with glowing golden notes of honeysuckle, bergamot and aged tonka.
Diéterle's a sophisticated show girl - her tight curls and checkered kerchief present a strong and confident performer.
Rich and creamy leather intricately layered with tobacco infused vanilla, shimmering musk and a hint of red patchouli and cacao.
Electrema is shocking in her ghostly white body suit and gossamer veil. She slips and slides silently, dancing into your haunted heart.
Crystal musk, silverbells, ozone, a clap of thunder and a spark of lightning.
L'Egyprienne is a dancing marvel. Hailing from lands far away and exotic, she brings her Oriental dance to the stage, with all of its sinewy mystery.
Egyptian sandalwood and musk, kyphi incense, benzoin and Silk Road spices evoke the sensual heat and all the romance of the desert.
Lily Damita is no shy violet! Her iridescent white ruffles, wig and lily blossoms add sparkle and flair to her seductive dance.
White lily, apple, golden honey, tonka, patchouli and whipped cream. Not for the faint of heart!
Mlle. Lola brings spring with her steps. With her crown of flowers and milky white limbs, her dance melts the ice of winter and promises spring.
Spring warmth: Forsythia, blue hyacinth, fresh grass and dandelion grounded in thawing earth.
Mlle. Papillon flitters across the stage, swinging her large wings boldly with panache and flash! Become beguiled by the beating of her wings!
Butterfly bush, nectarine, frankincense, snapdragon, and sagebrush.
Mlle C. de Villers is a jewel in the crown of the show! With her bright pink plumage and aqua dress, she is a splash of color against the subdued stage lights.
Pink grapefruit, red musk, French vanilla ice cream with a brandy soaked Moreno cherry on top.
Mlle. Éve Martin is truly an original! Her geometric dress revealing the most suggestive views of the female body. It's almost scandalous!
Toasted coconut, caramelized vanilla bean, peach, and heady magnolia ignited with red musk.
Witchy Mlle. Whiard casts a spell with her hot pink pointed hat and wildly floral gown. Let her cast a spell on you!
Wild strawberry, whipped cream, kiwi fruit, raw sugar and a pinch of clove.
Selva & LariDan are the dynamic dancing duo! Hot as the tropical flowers they wear proudly in their hair, they entwine their bodies, writhing to a melody most ancient and fantastic.
Crimson hibiscus, golden frankincense, yellow rose, dark sandalwood, oud, aged vanilla and a drop of sensual spiced honey.

True Love Never Dies 2012
Two 5ml Brown Apothecary Bottles - $38
Two 5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle Glass Roll-On -$40

Please note that these are only vailable in pairs.

Antony & Cleo 2012
According to legend it was love at first sight between Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt and Marc Antony, the Roman General and friend of Julius Caesar. The two would eventually marry, have three children and as a family, rule much of the region. 

The truth is lost in the mists of history, but some say that Marc Antony killed himself by falling on his sword when he heard a false rumor that his beloved Cleopatra had died. Others say that when the tides of war turned against the couple, they escaped together then, to avoid capture, Marc Antony committed suicide. When Cleopatra, who by this time was already imprisoned by Octavian and could no longer bear the grief of her dwindling empire, heard the news about the death of her dear Marc Antony she poisoned herself by snake bite. With the help of her sympathetic servants, she hid a small asp in a basket of figs, donned her royal robes, reclined upon her couch of gold and placed the venomous snake upon her breast.

A complex and ancient stymmata recreated to commemorate the general: juniper berries macerated in a base of sandalwood imported from the Far East, royal musk, cyclamen, sweet flag, blue lavender, myrtle, cypress, labdanum and victorious bay laurel.

Cleopatra understood the power of scent and utilized it to her advantage. It is said she first met Marc Antony upon a ship equipped with large billowing incense censers and perfumed sails that scented the entire port.
A legendary queen, seductress, mathematician and strategist, Cleopatra is remembered in this beguiling fragrance:  Egyptian sandalwood, myrrh resin, honeysuckle, orris root, serpentine cinnamon and black fig. 

The Breath of Isis & The Jewel of Osiris 2012
No other gods could boast of love as deep and pure as the love shared by Isis and Osirs. Out of jealousy, Osiris was murdered by his brother, Set, and his body was divided into fourteen parts and scattered to the four corners. Isis, stricken ill with grief and despair, frantically searched the world over for her lover's body parts. She discovered all but one, as the phallus of Osiris had been eaten by a fish! Undaunted, crafty Isis fashioned a new phallus for her husband out of pure gold. She then embalmed him and with one giant breath filled with love, passion, longing, grief and ecstasy, brought Osiris back to life to rule the Underworld.

The Breath of Isis
Lotus root, tonka bean, sweet pea blossoms, neroli, black currant absolute and an opoponax tear drop.

The Jewel of Osiris
Guiacwood, oakmoss, black patchouli, crimson plum, golden bergamot and cassia

Khosrow & Shirin 2012
Khosrow and Shirin are two lovers immortalized by ancient Persian poets. Khosrow is a handsome prince who is taken with tales of a beautiful princess living in a nearby kingdom. Khosrow, anxious to meet his future bride, can wait no longer and travels with his best friend to Shirin's land to meet her. Shirin is then courted with Khosrow's amazing feats of strength and daring until at long last, she's convinced that he's truly her soul mate.

Bold cardamom cream is exalted with scarlet carnation, golden frankincense and amber resin.

Sweet and seductive: silken jasmine, royal rose, gentle geranium, vanilla blossom, red musk, sweet patchouli and molten honey.

Sir Lancelot & Lady Guinevere 2012
Torn between their loyalty to King Arthur and their desire for one another, it can be argued that the love between Guinevere and Lancelot weakened the integrity of the Round Table. Truly star-crossed lovers from the start, Lancelot and Guinevere never had a chance. Even after the death of Arthur, Lancelot was denied a final kiss from his beloved as she'd joined a convent with the intention of never seeing the face of Lancelot again.

Sir Lancelot
Aged leather, almond, shining musk, nutmeg, black tea, vanilla sugar and smoked sandalwood.

Lady Guinevere
Tuberose, sweet cream, juicy apricot, cherry blossoms, rosewood and the softest blush of pink grapefruit.

Lupertine Resurrected 2012
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottles - $18
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle Glass Roll-On -$19



A complex and mysterious melange of black musk incense, white sandalwood, spicy red carnation, oud, and Moroccan geranium with a sparkle of sweet orange.


This sultry Spanish libertine's seductive folly led him straight to the gates of Hell, however the magnetic allure of his eponymous fragrance is nothing short of Heavenly.

Saffron and sable Moorish woods are seduced by bundles of white lavender, masculine amber and black musk.


Biblically, harlots were devoted prostitutes who worked in service of the great goddess Astarte, the Syrian Venus.

Temple incense, dried blood red roses, labdanum, osmanthus, tuberose and oud.


Seduced by a scoundrel on the Seven Seas; a bodice-ripper in it's own right. Passionate pirate kisses plunder the depths of her black heart.

Sweltering Tahitian vanilla heat, a mahogany headboard, silken crimson sheets pulled tight and notes of golden honey ooze over mouth-watering coconut mounds.


She first appeared in the 11th or 12th century as a stone carving found on churches, castles and gates in Britain and Ireland and was believed to be an apotropaic charm – a true testament to the female mysteries.
Sheela-Na-Gig, often considered as a Goddess, is a powerful symbol of a woman's relationship with her sexuality, her body and the power that lies therein. She is depicted as a grinning bald woman displaying her exaggerated vulva for the world to behold. Imagine what would happen if we were proudly willing to share the most sacred parts of ourselves without reservation. Allow Sheela's bold defiance of misogyny to empower you!

A daring mix of enchanted herbs and flowers sacred to the ancient Celts of the British Isles evoke he feeling of watching the sun set behind the towering megaliths of Stonehenge: rolling green hills, dusky heather, the gossamer fruit of the Sidhe and sacred vervain.


Shunga were sexually explicit Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints produced in the 16th and 19th centuries. Men and women from all stations in life took great pleasure in these erotic "pillow books" as they were often given as gifts to newly-wedded couples. The lascivious images in these books were highly idealized, stylized and featured innumerable steamy situations with raw desire and opulent fantasy.

A suggestive blend of impassioned dark amber resin clinging to delicate white ginger lilies as tendrils of Asian opium smoke swirl about the charged atmosphere.


Irish Gaelic

An inspired scent that evokes swirling mists through ancient apple orchards, oak leaves, cool rain and emerald moss.
Mlle. Victoria's Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret, True Love Never Dies 2012 & Lupertine Resurrected 2012 will be LIVE until March 21, or until supplies are exhausted.

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