Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's Get Autumn Started! Here Lies... LE LIVE!

For me out in the Pacific Northwest, Summer really never got started. I mean we're now getting weather in the mid eighties, but I'm sure most of you are over the mercury broiling in the triple digits. I say, if we can't have the weather we want, we can at least revel in delusion and have the Fall season begin in our hearts and minds, right? Let's scatter the bats in the belfry and officially ring the skull bell with the femur bone; this is Halloween (the beginning, anyway!) 

Before we unleash this season's Limited Editions and Resurrecteds, we're starting the season right with a blood pulsing panic: we're resurrecting HERE LIES..., the cryptic perfume that sold out within 48 hours. Last year, I made 13 perfumes that came complete with a personalized label and their own hand painted and decorated coffins. This year, I'm going to do the same horrible thing and make only 13 coffins available. They will be taken off the site once they're sold out not to be seen again... until next year. Maybe. Don't miss out! 

A Limited Edition
5ml of spooky brew complete with a personalized headstone label on the 5ml, enshrouded in a wooden coffin hand painted and decorated by Vajra.

A tip of the Baron's top hat to the mortal coil that we all inevitably must shed...
Chthonic black patchouli, bruised plum, decaying wood, grave moss, pooling red amber, withering ghost white myrrh resin and post mortem vanilla blossoms. 

Here Lies...
Limited Edition

$50 for 5ml Perfumed oil with personalized label enshrouded in a hand-painted & decorated black and silver wooden coffin.

The Coffin is a definite collectors item and perfect for future pip storage!
 Good luck,


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