Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Conjure Clean - Hunks 'o Hoodoo - Preview!

Witchin' in the Kitchen

The business of crafting conjure is one of experimentation, creativity and insight; it is the melding of practicality with magickal means. When we look at the "common" items in our lives we may be weighed down with the banality of existence, but with the right perspective, things that seem droll or commonplace can take on a sparkle and exist as something more that meets the eye.

Take soap, for example. We need it to get clean. Some amazing artisans craft beautiful bars that are works of art in their play of color, light and fragrance: they elevate the humble soap to another level.

I say let's take it higher!

I've been feverishly working on a new product line, tentatively called Witchin' the Kitchen. A line of personal and household products crafted Conjure style! Why let the dishes be drudgery, or the laundry be loathsome? If, by definition, magick is the art of changing consciousness at will, why not add intention into the mix? (Along with corresponding herbs and botanical oils, of course!)

Immerse your hands in a sink of love drawing lather, wash your socks in suds of success. Or shower with hunks of fragrant hoodoo super soap!

We're offering a preview of some of the product prototypes that I've been using personally for the last several months with great success! They're all natural, herbal and certainly sexy.

The Goods:

Concentrated Laundry Powder - 8oz. $10
Automatic Dishwasher Powder 8oz. $10
Dish Washing Liquid - 4oz. $15
Floor Wash - 4oz. $15
Hunk o' Hoodoo Soap - 4oz. $7

The Magick:

House Mistress - Love drawing
Diamonds & Pearls - Money drawing
High Heels - Success
Yes Dear - Peaceful Home
Sanctimonious - Spiritually cleansing

The packaging is super cute with a retro witchy pin-up look. 

Get You Some

Pick the ones you want, add up the total, add $5 for shipping and send that amount to paypal at conjureoils dot com then send me an email with what you've ordered! (vajra at conjureoils dot com)

True house magic! We all have to do chores, why not make your them work for you?

Good Luck,


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