Monday, July 4, 2011

Conjure Oils Brick & Mortar in Portland!

Hello Everyone!

We are ecstatic to softly announce that we are about 99.9% certain we will be relocating and opening our studio doors to the public!
As it stands, we are set to sign the paperwork on Wednesday for a 1000 square foot studio in the heart of the coolest and funkiest district in South East Portland - Hawthorne! (For the locals - it's in the space that Moonshadow occupied.) 
The only caveat is this - because of zoning, we can't use it as a retail space (at least overtly - and it's the reason the former tenant had to relocate) so it will be a show room for Conjure Oils.  All the oils from the catalog will be on display for sniffing and sampling and will call for local peeps will be available as well. We will manufacture and ship from the new location and I will take appointments for counseling and in-person custom fragrance blending consults. :D 
We will also be offering classes, have readers (tarot, palm, tea leaf, intuitive, etc.) and body workers available on site. We're also planning on having limited edition release parties and previews!
I'm trying to figure out a "members only" arrangement where we 'd offer invites to special classes and events, discounts on products, services and oils and entice you with all sorts of secret goodies! :D
I can sell some things (class related, for example) but it can't look like a shop. It needs to be more "service" oriented, which is ok because that's what I was going for anyway. If a walk-in client wanted to buy oils, it would be ok because I'd be offering my perfuming as a service; I would make it on site for them, fresh. Imagine a world with no TAT!

We'll need an all-inclusive name - like Conjure Aromacology, but one that also reflects the counseling and psychic reading services, too. I was toying with the idea of Conjure Works or The Conjure Wright as well, but I'm wide open to suggestions! Please do share them if you do!

We're slated to move in July 15th and are planning on having our grand opening party on the 30th. We need a band/musician to play! Who to invite?

Have a look at the photos of the space and please feel free to give input and let me know if you're interested in the "members only" club (trust me, Imma think of a cooler name than that!) This would be a GREAT way to support the Little Perfume House that Could during this anxiety inducing time of growing pains! You can be a long distance supporter, too, and get discounts off items from the website.

Thanks everyone! I love you more than you'll ever know.


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