Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Oddment Emporium update is LIVE!

Happy Spring!

I'm really excited about this months' update! Not only did I "pretty up" the page by reorganizing text and adding images, but we're adding two new items! First, the Apothecary Compound scents - two single notes smashed together forming a new amazing synergistic scent!

Also, I'm tickled to say that, at long last, the Seductive Sprays are live! These are dry perfumes. If you're unfamiliar, let me explain: Each 4oz. bottle is a blend of fractionated coconut oil, cyclomethicone and pure CO perfume oil. Cyclomethicone is a silicone based liquid that is non-greasy and leaves your skin silky, smooth and glowing! It's also great for your hair - it's a glosser, defrizzer and a detangler! I like to spray myself head to toe after my shower. This makes me smooth and leaves just enough fragrance behind to where you can amp it with the same perfume oil, or you can get adventurous and layer with a complimentary perfume oil! Have fun!

This month, we're offering:

Soaps, lotions, whips and NEW dry perfume sprays!


NEW! Apothecary Compounds - two single notes blended into amazing synergy!

This month, we have:

Coconut Milk & Raw Honey blend
     {Raw Honey and Coconut Milk meld together in a sensually sweet and sultry exotic fragrance.}

Aged Leather & Vanilla Smoke blend

     {Vanilla Smoke & Aged Leather are swirled together creating a sexy, deep and rugged scent with just the right touch of sweetness.}



     {Poetic, introspective and refreshing. Black rose, frankincense and a secret mint are sheltered by dark Arabian musk and fierce oud.}

Beast of Babylon
     {Black vanilla smolders in a sea of champagne and blood oranges & smoky High John the Conqueror root}

Whore of Babylon Resurrected
(the original formulation is back!)
     {A wanton blend of a fallen starlet: scorched vanilla, champagne and pink diamonds}

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Thanks everyone!


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