Thursday, November 6, 2008

Updates: DailySlather, Hope, Yule

Hello Everyone!

Just some updates...


There is now a section on the Daily Slather forum for folks to post and promote their Conjure Oils and Good Judy decant circles (and links for external circles as well!)

If you haven't joined the forum yet, please do! It's chock full of friendly people, excellent scent reviews, news and forum-only updates and releases! Feel free to join - and bring a friend - the more the merrier!


We're not out of Hope yet! So, if you missed yesterday's release and though you were out of luck, well, you're not! There are still some bottles available and waiting just for you!


And the winners... will be notified via email by the weekend and the Yule line will be unleashed on the 15th, as the Hallows line comes to a close.

Thanks so much for your continued love and fabulousness!


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