Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yule '07 Prosperity Altar

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're having a delightful holiday!

This is my Yule altar set up to open the roads for increase in business as the light increases. The color theme is black, red and gold. As black and red are the colors of the Orisha Eleggua who rules doors, roads and opens the Way. (Who also is the Orisha of whom I am a priest.)

 Gold is included to increase prosperity, wealth and success. The apothecary cabinet symbolizes my oil business, Conjure Oils (as you know! :D) In the pentagram (symbolizing money and wealth) oil burner that you can't really see behind the singing bowl I am burning the Conjure Oils scent La Hoja (the Leaf) not only because it smells like a delicious alpine forest, but for the added symbolism of ever "green" and increase.

Thank you all for looking and your well wishes this season!

Also, thank you to all my subscribers! *big welcome to the new ones*

Love and bliss,


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