Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The End of Hallows...


Just wanted to remind everyone that
, November 15th, is the
last day
to order the
Hallows scents
before they are gone forever to make way for the highly anticipated Yule 2007 line!

As a special for you kind folks who read my online updates: If you order a sampler during these final days of the Hallows line and find that would like a larger size, I'll keep that option available until December 15th. You can order on the Conjure Ltd. page.

Between the Worlds

crimson apples, ruby pomegranates, sandalwood wood smoke and blood red stygian waters permeate the veil.

Calavera de Azúcar

muscovado sugar, royal icing and meringue powder with a slight hint of metaphysical white musk

Devil's Night Detroit Style

a city wide inferno: smoke swirling around dying fires, charred houses, overturned cars and toppled tombstones

Fires of Azrael

let the Dark angel of the Doors grant you a vision of the past or a premonition of the future.The Fires of Azrael evoke smoldering ashes of a juniper, Himalayan cedar and Egyptian sandalwood fire lit by the seaside at twilight. Inspired by the novel _The Sea Priestess_ by Dion Fortune

Flying Ointment

a completely legal olfactory interpretation of an ancient preparation. Mysore sandalwood, midnight blooming jasmine, opoponax, opium poppy flowers, cannabis scent and a pinch of mugwort herb. Who needs a broom?

Ghoul Booty

remember digging into those sacks of candy and gorging until you were sick? Here's a treasure trove of Ghoulie goodness: candy corn, chocolates, caramels, lollipops and bubble gum. The only cavity you're in danger of getting here is the hole in your wallet from getting more!


"let them eat cake!!" or better yet, indulge in fine chocolate. A pompous fragrance for the discriminating chocolatier - decadent, sophisticated and most certainly bourgeoisie. Opulent in its balance of complexity and subtle florals.

Hänsel und Gretel

a gingerbread house decorated with spice drops and butter cream frosting. The faint smell of a witch's brew filling the enchanted woods and roaring cook stove perfect for roasting a greedy little boy or girl.


the dusty stillness of the afterlife: emerald moss, black orchids, cold stones and holy water.


a fragrance created in honor of Allan Kardec, a turn of the century gentleman who is credited with popularizing the Spiritist movement. "To born, to live, to die, to reborn and to keep progressing. That is the law" is engraved on his burial chamber placed in the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris, France. This fragrance consists solely of white flowers to please the spirits of the White Table: lily, rose, paper whites, stephanotis and white jasmine.

Poison Apple

the Queen disguised herself as a country woman and convinced Snow White to eat the poisoned apple. Too bad she didn't get to just wear the scent: green apples coated in caramel sprinkled with brown sugar slathered in buttered rum. This takes our apples form the level of tox to a place that rocks! (sorry 'bout the bad pun. It's late!)

Witching Hour

a midnight walk through the pumpkin patch on All Soul's Eve. Spiced pumpkin, falling leaves, a black velvet cloak to pull close for warmth and a frankincense candle offering for the spirits residing in the cemetery near by.

Zolac Manor

far in the darkest depths of North Portland a Mad Scientist throws a Tiki party for vampires. Tropical fruit, dragon's breath. egyptian musk, calla lilies, Hawaiian white ginger and blood sangria.

$3 per Hallows Sample,$31 for 13 sampler set, $13 5ml LE Bottle, $23 10ml LE Bottle

The scent descriptions taken from the Conjure Oils website.

(I may resurrect some Hallows scents for next year, but we'll see...)

Either way, hope you are having a lovely autumn so far.

Showers of blessings,


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