Saturday, November 10, 2007

Conjure Oils + Lemurgurl Art = Awesome!

Conjure Oils is in cahoots with the lovely and talented Renee Bosler to delight you with the weird and wonderful world of the Womberscootch! The Womberscootch perfume is a as rare as its namesake and can only be had through clicking the image below.

Here's Renee's description of the Womberscootch scent:

"This perfume oil and art set is the first in a series of four. This first scent evokes the whimsy of the forest-dwelling womberscootch, and the beauty of the woods it dwells in. The scent is earthy, warm, and woodsy, with touches of allspice and wild berries, apple and cedar woods, moss, pine needles, oakmoss, black pepper, and a touch of sweet vanilla bourbon! Quite simply, Womberscootch smells like eating cookies in the woods!"

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Renee is a Gothic Folk Artist based in Portland Oregon.

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