Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back from vacation...

kind of... :)

I am back in town and I've updated the website to make it functional again. But I just got to say that I will be unable to work on orders until at least the 9th of September.

The new additions to the catalog will be arriving at the end of the month by the latest. Hopefully sooner. I'm working on the Halloween scents, the Goetia line and the Vodoun line. I have yet another line in the planning section, so that should be rolling out round October.

I am also going to be adding Queen Elizabeth Root oil as well as High John the Conqueror oil to the Hoodoo line.

I also wanted to make sure that it was abundantly clear that I operate Conjure Oils for you. Everyone who checks out the webpage and shows interest, it's all for you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh! Before I forget to mention, the author Judika Illes, aromatherapist, professional tarot reader and author (who wrote books such as The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Emergency Magic, Pure Magic as well as a few others) has added a link from her website to Conjure Oils. This is particularly exciting for me because not only is she one of my favorite authors, but she understands the passion and artistry that goes in to oil craft and is very selective in whom she lists on her page. You can find a link to her page here

Anyway, I really hope you've had a good time while I was gone and that if you're starting school or anything new that your transition goes well and that you find much success in all your endeavors.

Love to you!

Love and Bliss,


p.s. Keep the reviews coming! People are really enjoying those!

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