Thursday, August 23, 2007

Conjurations Newsletter, Vol I, Issue 3




This week you can really tell that falls bones are trying to settle here. The 80 degree weather is broken up with the occasional grey and cool day. Our tomato plants out back are giant, green towering things with emerald green fruit. They were planted late in the season, so they will be brought in when the weather cools.

Conjure Updates
Things have been pretty status quo here in Conjure land. Not to bring up the past, but the debaucle has done nothing but send business my way. I have had more orders in the last 32 hours then I have had in days. I'm glad to see people trying the oils out for themselves! But I have read my bible this morning and I am taking solace in the 37th Psalm which I've posted on this community's info page if you care to read it.

But upward and onward!

The Oily Bits
This week I want to feature an oil that I've had in my collection forever. Fast Luck Oil. In fact, the recipe for this oil is in Zora Neale Hurston's _Mules and Men_ among other places. It's from, I do believe, New Orleans and was popular in the 1920's and 1930's. It's a combination of vanilla, cinnamon and wintergreen essential oil. The mix can be strengthened by adding bits of pyrite, alkanet and chips of cinnamon. I like to rub it on my palms and buy scratch-its. :) I remember one time I played poker for the first time with a bunch of friends. I put the oil on my hands and I won the kitty! Beginners luck plus fast luck = unstoppable!

Here's a recipe for Fast Luck Oil if you want to make it yourself:

add 10 drops each:
Wintergreen, Vanilla and Cinnamon essential oils.

to 90 drops of a base oil of your choice. Some great base oils are sweet almond, grapeseed, or jojoba. Try to avoid heavy oils such as castor oil, or oils with their own scent such as olive.
If the cinnamon is still too strong for you, you can always add more base oil.

In that mix, you can add bits of cinnamon, pyrite and alkanet. The alkanet is pretty cool because it turns the oil a lovely shade of red and red is certainly a lucky color!

Try it out and see what happens!

Spirtual Oils

While I market Conjure Oils as both perfume and as a spiritual oil, above all else they're a spiritual product. In this recent flurry of criticizm, someone claimed that they didn't need to wear their spirituality like a name tag. Well I do and please allow me to explain why...

If I am going to go to a doctor, I make sure that they went to medical school. If you are going to buy spiritual oils, aren't you more comfortable getting them from someone who has dedicated their life to the Divine? That has taken the time to study the subjects that they represent? I would never make an oil that I didn't think I had the experience and knowledge to make. I am an initiated priest. I am a graduate of Cat Yronwode of Lucky Mojo's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence course. If this doesn't make me fit to produce spiritual oils, then I don't know what does.

Well, what about perfume blending? Some ask. It's an ancient craft that you can't learn overnight. Well good thing I didn't. I have been blending for myself and friends for well over 15 years. Remember, I am a working rootworker with clientelle. I'm no newbie! I have made oils, sprays, bath salts, washes and incence for clients since 2004. These aren't "oils I've thrown in a bottle" or "dangerous oils carelessly put together." I've taken the necessary steps to ensure these oils are diluted and safe. Everything I use is body safe and blended at such a concentration that they can be used all over your body, should you so choose for anointing purposes.

So, you can rest assured that I have the ability and experience and education to serve you. I have just as much right to make my product ans sell it as the next person does and so I will continue.

I don't need bad vibes, attacks and insults to opeate a business. I work with a heart of love and happiness. And if you're reading this, I'm sure you do too. There are so few of us out there - the ones who refuse darkness and drama. We stand on our own merit!

After all, Conjure Oils isn't just perfume! :)

Next week:

I won't be around. I'm going to help my godmother move. I'll be closed for production starting this Sunday night and I won't be resuming production until after the first of the month. At that time, I hope to have the Halloween and Vodoun oils available.



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