Monday, July 13, 2015

13 July 2015
Eight years ago I took a chance on the Little Perfume House that Could. I collected all my books, notes, formulas, supplies and knowledge and decided to hang out my shingle. I learned how to make a website and quickly recorded all that I had worked on up to that point. The words, just sketches at first really, seemed to flow from my fingers. The site seemed to write itself and before I knew it, I was bowled over with orders, emails and messages from people all over the world. Conjure Oils' mission seemed to really resonate with people and I was happy and grateful to provide individual love and attention to everyone I could. As folks received their orders, they would order again and again. I received more messages of praise and inspiration. I was encouraged by friends, clients - even haters! They all allowed me to continue to grow commercially and creatively. My site design became more opulent and user friendly. I got one of my first large wholesale accounts and was able to afford an amazing printer so the labels now were stunning and in full color! (Aside from formulating perfumes, one of my favorite tasks is label design. At last, my Bachelors in Fine Arts comes in handy!)
Over time, more categories were added, Limited Editions concocted, evil plots hatched. I say these things not out of self aggrandizement, but out of a need to give recognition to all those who have interacted with Conjure in any way: all the purchases, the custom orders, the patience with the turn around time, the recommendations, the gifts sent, the books loaned, the decant circles, the reviews written, the blog entries about Conjure, the Conjure County forum (that I need to work on to get it going again), the Facebook fans, the Twitter followers, the hoarders, the retailers and the girl I saw in Gresham who had a Conjure Oils tote bag. I fucking love you all. Madly.
As Conjure continues to grow, it is my dream to be able to offer more hand made bath and body products consistently. I would also like to build up the Etsy store with back stock and to push my comfort zone and begin to vend at various cons and festivals, as I get repeated requests to do so. I know the last year was hard on me and therefore Conjure. I am humbled and grateful that you all stuck with me through that trying period. I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful words of support and encouragement I received. I am particularly thankful to my husband Sterling for taking over the shipping aspect of Conjure. I truly appreciate all your efforts and ideas.
Conjure has allowed me to connect and share the love with people in ways I never thought possible. Strangers became clients and clients became friends and friends became family. Thank you to all of you!
I love you all. Now on to the Birthday Celebration fragrance before I start weeping!

Borrowing Pamela Coleman-Smith's amazing artwork from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, I present for Conjure's 8th birthday the 8th card in the Major Arcana: Strength.
The Strength card represents not physical strength, but inner strength. The ability to tame your fears and have the courage create the life you'd like to live. It also encourages the ability to endure the blocks, pain and madness life randomly puts in our path. This path to courage and resilience isn't a forced one; it is forged with love and compassion for yourself and for others. It bridges our id and the super ego by balancing and nourishing our ego, keeping it in a healthy and effective state of being. Only though love can we tame the beast of the world - the lion that roars without and within. Through purity of will and intention no perceived threat is insurmountable. Love is the key, as love is eternal. Open your heart to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. You hold the key.
Let your inner radiance glow vibrant and true: the clout of precious Indian cardamom infused sandalwood merges with heartwarming sweet tonka, invigorating ginger and golden Arabian frankincense. Shimmering top notes of courageous bergamot, bold blood orange and a proud drop of black pepper are the gleaming jewels in this potent philtre.


5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $20

Only available for a short time!

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