Monday, May 20, 2013

Oklahoma Benefit - Hekua Yansa and Salvo Leri are Resurrected.

Hello Everyone,

A two mile wide tornado touched down Monday near Oklahoma City, OK taking with it a heartbreaking 51 souls, 20 of whom were children. The deep sadness and lasting destruction that these monster storms leave in their wake are enduring and cause us, the witnesses of the devastation, to wring our hands wishing that there was just one more extra thing we could do to help.

I feel obligated and lucky to be able to use Conjure to raise money when these travesties happen, so tonight I've decided to resurrect Hekua Yansa and Salvo Leri - two scents that were originally created to benefit those touched by Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012 (and we were able to donate $280 to the Red Cross! YAY! and THANK YOU!)

All proceeds after cost of manufacture will be donated to the Red Cross where it will be used to provide relief from those pummeled by the ravages of the Oklahoma tornado.

These are $20 per bottle, 100% of the money made from these will be donated. Even production costs. Not one penny will be kept (except shipping because, well, shipping.) Please include $5 for postage per order. (So, 2 bottles would come to $45, for example.) Please remit payment to paypal at conjureoils dot com. Feel free to add on to the order. Just do the math and let me know what you're getting. Orders over $100 ship free.


Oya, also known as Yansa is the Mother of Nine. She is the Rainbow in the sky, the Queen of the hurricane, the tornado, the cemetery gates and she watches over our Egun (our ancestors). She rules over the winds of abrupt change; she destroys to create. Don't try to fight Oya, metamorphosis is inevitable.

African musk, wind whipped white amber, torrential rain and the black plums Oya demands as adimu (food offering).


"Salvo Leri" is Lukumi for "Save my head" In the Santeria faith it is customary when one walks pass the cemetery gates to cross your arms over your chest and salute Oya saying, "Hekua Yansa, Salvo Leri!" Or, I salute you, Oya, please save my head! In Lukumi faith, the head is the seat of the soul, or the Ori. To lose one's head is tantamount to death. A good head can save a whole town. A bad head can destroy one just as easily. Let's keep our heads about us during these trying times.

Golden sandalwood, ginger co2, Egyptian amber, sugared violets, orange blossom, dark honey and drop of red musk.

I have made enough for about 25 bottles of each of these. So when we're sold out, I'll make a small announcement on FB. If you still haven't liked us there, now would be a good time!

Our turn around time is now about 14 days and I plan on keeping it that way. Thanks for the patience and support everyone.

Stay safe and remember, it's all about the love.



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