Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sacred Transgressions - Lunar Eclipse December 2011 is LIVE!


On Saturday December 10th, 2011 we will be treated not only to the last lunar eclipse of 2011, but the last total lunar eclipse until 2014! We checked in with our resident Rebel Astrologer Andrew Drobny and this is what he has to say to “illuminate” the subject. Enjoy!

“A lunar eclipse represents the tightest phase of the aspect (and therefore strongest manifestation) of what we astrologers refer to as a Solar-Lunar opposition. Literally the sun and the moon are on directly opposite sides of the earth from one another. Thus the earth may shield the moon from the light of the sun causing the emblematic shadow across the surface of the moon. Astrologically speaking the general effect is that the moon, representing our emotional state, is shielded from its source: the sun, representing the center of our beings and the source of our energies. In general, a lunar eclipse induces emotional insecurities and a very basic internal conflict between the part of us that says “I AM” and the part of us that says “I FEEL.”

A lunar eclipse (or Sun-Sun opposition) means that our emotional state and sense of self are crashing against each other and causing mass confusion. This can range from a vague feeling of distraction or clumsiness all the way to emotional crisis. The key to keep in mind is that this is not necessarily all negative; all moments and configurations exist for a reason. This is a great time to exercise intention and take the time to slow down and examine our hearts and our sense of identity. To "readjust" our solar direction based on what the heart says. If we do so a lunar eclipse can be not only beneficial, but downright enjoyable as well. Of course, if we refuse to look at these things and just smash forward it is likely to make nothing short of a mess of our emotions.

Let’s take a look at a few things that are going down right now regarding the eclipse:
  1.  Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius. This is a mutable opposition and therefore may have effects that are less pronounced, thankfully. The general effects: emotional moon in Gemini means a kind of detachment and a lack of commitment to any one idea and a scattered feeling. Sun in its Sagittarius position shows a sense of identity and attention that has high hopes, yet lacks focus. The result: you may be all over the place, a bit insecure and have difficulty making firm decisions. This is a time for exploration, not absolutes. 
  2. Mars is in Virgo, squaring both the sun and moon in what is called a T-Square formation, exacerbates the confusion and scattered energies the opposition of the sun and moon are creating. Representing the part of us who motivates and activates, Mars is stifled under unmanageable picky expectations and a lack of drive. The result is a tendency to simmer in unexpressed frustration, indecisiveness, etc. Outbursts of frustration are likely, personally, and in the larger sense as well. Translation: be very careful of your expectations. Breathe!
Summing it all up: 
Relax this weekend and allow things to come as they come; stay loose. It is not a moment when things will seem to be getting done. Instead of decision making and goal setting, go ahead and explore! Playfully misbehave a little. Don’t forget that Sagittarian optimism is the ticket to all of this! Learn new ways to define the self and find new and unique ways that you fit into the world, because you belong. When this aspect moves on, you'll be surprised at what you’ve discovered about yourself!”

The Sun, Earth and Moon align in space allowing the mighty light of the full Moon to surrender and submit to the shadow of the Earth. Magickally, it is oftentimes considered a "micro month" where all lunar phases happen during the duration of the eclipse. To many astrologers the effects that happen during the few hours of an eclipse can last for years. Whether an eclipse is a time to practice magick is up for the practitioner to decide, but few can dispute the power that the eclipse brings; if you're going to do Work, you better mean it.

 During this very special eclipse, the last of its kind until 2014, I will be preparing an oil to harness the energy of this most unique event. Blending rare oils sacred to Madam Night and Lady Moon in all Her lunar phases as well as astrologically relevant oils to enhance identity and sacred play including:

*Jasmine Sambac (known as "Queen of the Night"),
*Mysore Sandalwood (sacred to many lunar Gods and Goddesses),
*Bulgarian Rose Otto (reputed to enhance clairvoyance and meditation),
*Blessed Myrrh (protection, contemplating darkness)
*Poppy (getting in touch with your dream state and creativity)
*Bergamot (creates a strong sense of self and an air of authority)
*Patchouli SCO2 (grounding, centering and soothing)
*Vanilla Absolute (adds an element of fun for the sweetness of play)

The cost will be $40 for 5ml ($41 for the roll-on) and will include a moonstone, labradorite and quartz crystal lunar charm that will be exposed to the energies of the eclipse as well. I will tuck the bottle in a protective black pouch before it's shipped out to you.  

I will only be making a very small batch, so if you're interested in obtaining a bottle of this special oil please order by the end of the day on the 11th.

This oil will be perfect for use during all phases of lunar and nocturnal workings as well as anointing all lunar amulets and jewelry. It will also be well-suited for workings dealing with play, identity and shapeshifting!

Thank you and blessed eclipse!

SACRED TRANSGRESSIONS available for 24 hours at CONJURE OILS! 

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