Monday, December 20, 2010

Sacred Shadow - Ritual Lunar Oil Prepared for the Total Lunar Eclipse. By request only.


Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

 The Sun, Earth and Moon align in space allowing the mighty light of the full Moon to surrender and submit to the shadow of the Earth. Magickally, it is oftentimes considered a "micro month" where all lunar phases happen during the duration of the eclipse. To many astrologers the effects that happen during the few hours of an eclipse can last for years. Whether an eclipse is a time to practice magick is up for the practitioner to decide, but few can dispute the power that the eclipse brings; if you're going to do Work, you better mean it.
 During this very special eclipse that coincides with the longest night of the year, I will be preparing an oil to harness the energy and darkness of this most unique event. Blending rare oils sacred to Madam Night and Lady Moon in all Her lunar phases including: 

*Jasmine Sambac (known as "Queen of the Night"), 
*Mysore Sandalwood (sacred to many lunar Gods and Goddesses), 
*Bulgarian Rose Otto (reputed to enhance clairvoyance and meditation), 
*Gardenia (promotes peace, healing)
*Blessed Myrrh (protection, contemplating darkness) 
*Poppy (getting in touch with your dream state and creativity)

 The perfume will then be transferred into a crystal bottle and exposed to the changing light of the eclipse itself. After the eclipse has ended, the fragrance will then be placed in the dark and will be allowed to mature until the New Moon. It will then be decanted into 5ml bottles with a beautiful, glossy full color label depicting the eclipse.

The cost will be $40 for 5ml, and will include a moonstone, labradorite and quartz crystal lunar charm that will be exposed to the energies of the eclipse as well. I will tuck the bottle in a protective black velvet pouch before it's shipped out to you.    

I will only be making a very small batch, so if you're interested in obtaining a bottle of this special oil please order by the end of the day on the 20th.

This oil will be perfect for use during all phases of lunar and nocturnal workings as well as anointing all lunar amulets and jewelry. It will also be well-suited for workings dealing with transitions of all kinds as well as all rituals working with your shadow self.

Please visit the Conjure Oils site for ordering information. 

Thank you and have a blessed Full Moon, Eclipse and Solstice!


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