Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Update in the Oddment Emporium is LIVE!


Soaps, Lotions and Wicked Whips available in the following six scents:

Chai Spice Tea
{Regal Indian spices: cardamon, clove, cinnamon and garam masala tea steeped in steamy, creamy milk and lightly sweetened}

Vanilla Fire
{Vanilla Soaked Chili Peppers}

Vanilla Smoke
{Smoked Vanilla Tobacco}

Vanilla Steam
{Aquatic Vanilla}

all from the Apothecary collection

November - Frost Moon
{Chrysanthemum, fallen leaves, wood smoke and the first flakes of snow}

from the Dark Moon Lodge collection

Nuit - The Celestial Cow
{A blackberry sky sparkling with vanilla stars, a cup full of celestial milk from the Cow, and warm Egyptian musk }

from the Mythos collection

El Diablito - The Little Devil
{Smoke, chocolate and warm spices conspire to make debauchery a divine pastime}

from the Loteria collection

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