Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Introducing the Aquarian Apothecary

Antiquarian and artisan with a decidedly unique contemporary flair, the Aquarian Apothecary is a fresh take on an old concept. Apothecaries were the chemists and pharmacies in the days of old; one could go in and find preparations and remedies for myriad maladies of the day.

Updated for the children of the Information Age, the Aquarian Apothecary offers oils to soothe the ailments that affect the savvy citizen of the 21st Century.

Aquarian Apothecary Anointing Oils

Asphalta is the revered goddess of plentiful parking spaces. Anoint your car, keys or a chunk of asphalt placed inside of your vehicle to honor Her. Be sure to stay on Her good side by leaving Her favorite offerings for favors granted: fine chocolates and the occasional latte.

"Hail Asphalta
full of grace.
Help me find
a parking place!"

stand out in the concrete jungle! A collection of attraction and attention drawing herbs and flowers assembled to get you noticed! A dollop of faery magick for the sophisticated trollop on-the- go.

just say no to the blue screen of death and other digital demons! Cranky Computers, temperamental telephones and other delinquent devices may have a fighting chance with a drop, or two, of this oil. Use to placate the hungry ghost in the machine.

Mercury Retrograde
thrice a year, whether we like it or not, Mercury does His backwards dance wreaking havoc on communications, electronics and our nerves. Let the soothing qualities of this Mercurial oil calm the frazzle and petition the Trickster on your behalf.

Poet's Potion
fierce and free yet fragile, the heart of a poet strangles in a world of desiccated post-positivist prose. Poet's Potion shatters shackles of spirit and stifled words. Return to your Art and let romance reign supreme once again!


we're not always what we seem. Herbs that have historically been used to induce invisibility are blended with oils ruled by Lady Moon and Mother Night.

finding kindred in a Metropolis is no easy task; seeking out souls that resonate with your own can sometimes seem impossible! To help melt through the isolation, a heartwarming blend of aged patchouli and red rose was formulated to aid in opening the heart, engaging the mind and lifting the spirits as well.

Please visit the Conjure Oils website for more information, and also to see the sale in the Apothecary to make room for this new update!

Thank you so very much for your continued love and support!


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