Saturday, December 15, 2007

Black Friday orders - the wait is over!

I have had several emails come in looking for your Black Friday orders. Thank you so much for checking up on me! I was stricken with pleurisy and perhaps a form of walking pneumonia and was down for the count for quite some time!

But... They are all packed and ready to go! I have a huge sack of orange envelopes and one big box ready to go out out out!!! I feel like Santa Claus!

I really am sorry to make you all wait, but it's only me steering this ship and when the Cap'n is down, the ship don't go!  I get some volunteers from time to time, but really, it's just me. I don't have a business partner, or any employees. I go to graduate school, work for the co-op from time to time, volunteer at the acupuncture clinic and sometimes help out my godmother with her business! I am a wicked-busy monkey!

But I've given all the orders a fantastic coupon and a super yummy freebie and I've been adding artwork to the some of the bottle labels, so hopefully it will be well worth your wait!

After these shipments go out, I'll be all caught up, so if you want to get in an order to be delivered by X-mas, I need it by tomorrow so I can ship it on Tuesday.

Thanks again everyone for not cursing my name and being so wonderfully patient!

All the best,


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