Sunday, August 19, 2007

Apothecary and other additions to the Conjure Family

Good evening!

Just a quick note to bring your attention to a few new items I've been working on. You'll notice that the navigation bar has a couple more entries on it:

apothecary, conjure ltd., goetia and vodoun

The Apothecary section is complete - more single notes that you can shake a stick at! I was inspired because I wanted to make fantastic single fragrances more user friendly, fun, affordable and above all else, beautiful - not to mention that they're made up of the best materials possible. Simply intoxicating.

Conjure, Ltd.
is a page dedicated solely to the limited editions. Right now the Environmentalist line is still going, but come September, the Halloween scents should be rolling in!

Goetia is the beastie line I've been developing. Simply stated, Goetia is summoning demons of varying degrees of benevolence to aid the summoner. This is a line to evoke the demon in us all. A little nice, a lot naughty and a whole lot of fun. The beasts hould be unleashed in September!

Vodoun will be dedicated to the Lwa - the various spirits venerated in Vodoun (aka Voodoo). I've enlisted the assistance and knowledge of my Madrina, who is also an initiated Mambo, in the creation of these scents so they may be as genuine and delicious as possible. Look for them come September.

Have a look of you get a minute.

Thank you so much!



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