Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Crowleymass!


I think we're beginning the busy season here at Conjure Oils - I barely have time to write the newsletter, so it may have to go on hold for a bit, but it will be back! Yes!

Today is the birthday of famed (infamous?) Occultist Aleister Crowley. It is also known as Crowleymass, and in light of that, I'm a gonna do two things:

1. Have a sale -
Half off
a bottle of
in the Mythos line, underneath Legendary Practitioners - but it's only going to be on sale for today, so if you've been eyeing it, now is the time, my friend!

Here's the description of the perfume oil from taken from the website:

Aleister Crowley- The Great Beast

his name is "Crowley" it rhymes with "Holy" The Prince of Thelema, To Mega Therion. A fragrance reminiscent of a gentlemen's club at the turn of the century: tobacco, black tea, leather, fine cologne and the kiss of a Scarlet Woman.

2. A link to the lyrics of the song "Crowleymass" by Current 93, because I love that song and that band!

In other news, if you've been considering ordering the Hallows LE's, now is the time for that as well because once my stock is gone it's over and I am nearly out! Thank you so much for your love and support and making the Hallows scents such a success!!

Have a great week!

93 93/93,


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