Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Conjurations Newsletter, Vol I, Issue 4

Hello Everyone!

Oh my goodness. I think I missed a week! Time has been flying by here. The weather has been odd, to say the least. After a very mild summer we seem to have launched headlong into full-on fall. Sometimes it even feels wintry. But next to spring, it's my favorite time of year, so I am not complaining. :)

There is so much going on, I could fill this newsletter with just that, so maybe I will.

First off, folks in the Portland, Oregon area may want to check out Mademoiselle Noelle's Fortune Tea House on NE Fremont and 57th. Not only do they have delicious coffee, tea, snacks, nibbly things and other goodies, they offer readings - tea leaf as well as other readings. I met up with Mademoiselle Noelle earlier this week and am pleased to announce that she will be stocking some of the Conjure Oils line of fragrances. Right now, she will be carrying some scents from the Speakeasy and the Hallows lines. I wish her the best! Her space feels great and she's a fantastic lady! Both she and her Teahouse will be featured in the A&E section of The Oregonian this Friday!

Second, Conjure Oils donated 100 perfume samples to the upcoming Salem Witches Ball/Festival of the Dead in Salem, MA. They will go in the gift bags given out at the Ball to the first hundred guests. The theme is "The Scarlet Letter" so half the samples are Whore of Babylon and the other half, Jezebel. (Both scents are from the Mythos line.) Lucky devils!

Conjure Oils was also nicely featured on the bath and body section of the Craft Gossip blog. Miz Bella, Bath and Body Editor, has a evocative way with words and also makes some lovely scents herself. You can read the blog entry here and Miz Bella's own website, The Queen's Obsession is here. I am particularly tickled by her "Pretty Poisons" line!

Oily Bits

Have you had a chance to try the 15 sampler set from the Speakeasy line yet? Since we've launched it, it is (next to the Hallow's LE's) our best seller by far. It is a great combination of scents for both men and women and a good blend of old fashioned aesthetics with a contemporary flair. Hope you get a chance to try them!

Have a fantastic week and try to stay out of the Halloween candy!

Until the next time, be well.

Love and Bliss,


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