Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014 and BLACK MOON are LIVE at CONJURE!!

2014 AND BLACK MOON 2014
2013 proved to be a challenging year for me. Despite the highlight of having Sebastian in April, I was presented with a host of post partum complications that landed me in the hospital multiple times for varying stays. The shortest being a couple of days and the longest, a month. Now that I'm medicated, I hope these episodes will reduce and that I get some of my vim and vigor back! (In case you were wondering, it's also why there was no Yule update. It's hard to compose perfume and not have access to my studio!)
So you'll forgive me if I'm a tad boisterous in wishing you a wonderful 2014! I'm excited for what this year will bring. I'm no fool - I'm not going to tempt fate and say that it couldn't get any worse than 2013 (because it can!) So I'd like to set the intention of 2014 to one of healing. And tonight's super new moon in Capricorn will set the tone for the internal magick that needs to take place if we're to heal ourselves, our relationships, our planet, our politics, our country (where ever you are), or our cosmos. It's a mighty undertaking that begins inside and from there, extends out reverberating infinite and eternal.
Happy 2014. Let's make this one count.

The Darkling Thrush
I leant upon a coppice gate
      When Frost was spectre-grey,
And Winter's dregs made desolate
      The weakening eye of day.
The tangled bine-stems scored the sky
      Like strings of broken lyres,
And all mankind that haunted nigh
      Had sought their household fires.
The land's sharp features seemed to be
      The Century's corpse outleant,
His crypt the cloudy canopy,
      The wind his death-lament.
The ancient pulse of germ and birth
      Was shrunken hard and dry,
And every spirit upon earth
      Seemed fervourless as I.
At once a voice arose among
      The bleak twigs overhead
In a full-hearted evensong
      Of joy illimited;
An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,
      In blast-beruffled plume,
Had chosen thus to fling his soul
      Upon the growing gloom.
So little cause for carolings
      Of such ecstatic sound
Was written on terrestrial things
      Afar or nigh around,
That I could think there trembled through
      His happy good-night air
Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew
      And I was unaware.
Hopeful notes of bergamot, orange peel, pink grapefruit and golden frankincense twinkle amidst layers of ginger, sugared sandalwood, succulent peach and white patchouli.

Today is the day of the super new moon, as it is at perigee and the closest to us that it will be all year! Under the influence of Capricorn, it's an ambitious time for new beginnings, building confidence, order, patience, prosperity, responsibility, stability, success and the willpower to bring about manifestation.
Dark lunar oils of black patchouli, benzoin and seared vanilla are expertly blended with oils under Capricorn's spell: opuim poppy, magnolia and yew. The fragrance is then empowered with Purifoy flower essences* of trillium, fairy lantern and pungent desert parsley.
*Flower essences are unscented elixirs that are vibrational remedies that possess etherial, soul deep balancing properties.
Trillium Trillium ovatum Singing Your Song, Divine Feminine, Rebirth, Purity, Innocence, Triple Goddess, Renewal, Cleansing, Forgiveness. 
Fairy Slipper Calypso bulbosa - uncommon ('No Pick' Essence) -  Magic, Divinity, Regal, Moving Into Other Realms, Grace, Fairy Realm, Playfulness.
Pungent Desert Parsley Lomatium grayi - Gratitude, Openness, Self Worth, Clears Abandonment.
Essence descriptions from
2014 and Black Moon will be available until February 1, 2014. Or longer. :)

$20 per 5ml amber apothecary bottle. 
Have a wonderful new year and a magickal new moon!



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