Sunday, October 13, 2013

LAST CHANCE! Goth Chick Pride is LIVE for Goth Chick Appreciation Day!

October 13, 2013

Guess what?!? It's Goth Chick Appreciation Day Once Again! 

While it might have its origins in a silly Facebook meme, Goth Chick Appreciation day has stuck a chord with thousands of Goth, (or recovering Goth) ladies out there and it's completely understandable why! So much of the year we spend fending off questioning or horrified looks from people - it's nice to have a day to be honored and at least one day a year where our wardrobe makes sense!

I made this one available in May for a brief period, so I don't have many bottles left for this year. And honestly, I think this is the last time I'm going to be able to offer it because of component issues, so if you've been on the wrought iron cemetery fence, now is the time to get yours!

$20.00 for 5ml Perfumed oil

Goth Chick Pride is limited to a run of about 13 bottles. Once we're out, we' re out! FOR GOOD.

Decanted in 5ml glass amber bottles

Show your Goth spirit! Aged black patchouli, sexy garnet pomegranate, clove tobacco, vanilla smoke and red musk. Destined to be a classic!

Get yours HERE

You can get all sorts of Goth Chick Pride goodies like T-shirts, mugs and posters in our Zazzle store! Lookit HERE! We've sold quite a few! So, I'll just keep on flashing y'all my mug! 

Here's Miss Vajra modeling her own Conjure Oils' Goth Chick Pride long sleeve t-shirt. You, too, can have your very own!

Happy GCP day, Darklings!


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