Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon, New Forum!

Hello Everyone! :D

Happy New Blue Moon in Virgo! Time to get organized!

Summer sure is winding down here. Yesterday morning, there was thick gray fog and mist swirling up the street. I saw mums on sale in the garden center & Halloween displays are in all of the craft stores. Not to mention that I'm covered in Stingy Jack as I fill all of the Hallows '08 orders. :D

Well, it is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. I hope your summer was jam packed with good fun and rejuvenation.


The lovely Gary from Good Judy  has created a forum and was kind enough create a section for Conjure Oils!

I wanted to write and invite you personally to join - our very own (organized!) place to have conversations, write reviews and get announcements.

We've got some pretty exciting plans for DailySlather! Don't be shy - join today and introduce yourself!

Anyway, thanks again and I'll see you on the boards!


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