Friday, October 26, 2007

Samples and technology.

Well, I do believe that the website is fixed. I checked it in firefox, ie and safari and it looks good. I had a dear guardian angel email me last night with some fantastic web pointers that I applied and I guess I flubbed the code up on the first page so it wasn't working for IE, so I had to rewrite it. Again, please please please let me know if something isn't working for you on the website and I'll be glad to fix it immediately.

The reason that I am writing is that it has been a tradition to pick a new sample to send out as the freebie every month. This month, I want you folks to offer suggestions as to what the freebie for the month of November is. Once I collect all of the information, I'll post a poll. that way everyone can pick their favorite. September's sample was Whore of Babylon. October's is Demeter. What would you like to see for November?
Please email your November freebie sample idea to vajra @

Are you totally taking advantage of the Apothecary sale? This is, by far, one of my favorite lines.

Also, in other news, I will be discontinuing the free shipping of samplers after the beginning of the new year. The shipping price will be reasonable - $5 for priority mail with a tracking number since so many of you like to have that information with your order. Another option will be $2 for First Class, no tracking. These rates apply to International folks as well. And as old timey as Conjure Oils is, I still need to catch up to the 21st century, no matter how much I'd rather that your packagers were delivered by Pony Express.

Have you seen the Blood Moon so heavy in the sky this month? It's a silvery orb floating in magick and mystery so large it looks like you can lick it. A time for anointing your forehead with jasmine oil and to sip mugwort tea, burn some myrrh incense and see clearly between the veils.

Also, Conjure Oils was once again mentioned in more press in Mlle Noelle's articles. The article is here.

Thank you again for all your help and support.

Thanks again. So much love right for you.


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