Thursday, October 25, 2007

Full Moon in Taurus sale!


To celebrate the sensuousness of the warm Taurus full moon deep in the chilled heart of fall, for the next month the Apothecary line will be on sale!

Samples are $3 (was $5)
7 Sample set is $20 (was $30)
7ml Bottle is $20 (was $25)
5ml bottle is $17 (was $20)

The Apothecary line consists of single notes are crafted by blending the finest quality, highly concentrated essential, essential oil bouquet and infused fragrance oils available with a natural base oil. This creates a truly well-rounded single note that is not only affordable, but beautiful by itself or when layered with other notes.


Don't forget that the Halloween Limited edition line is almost gone until next year. It will be gone completely on November 15, when the Yule scents take over the Conjure, Ltd. page.


Thank you for your love and support of Conjure Oils! I hope your fall is fueling your fires of inspiration, passion and love.

All the best,


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