Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sugar and Filigree, Miss Lucy's Three! Plus a brooding scent to mark a Saturn Return - LIVE at CONJURE!

Hello ConjurePunks!

Spring Blessings, Happy Walpurgis Nacht and of course, Beautiful Beltane!

A quick missive to let you know that we've two new scents for your consideration!

Happy Third Birthday, Miss Lucy! 

Lucy, what else is there to say that I didn't say these last two years to you? With each passing year, I witness your journey from dependent infancy to an independent young girl. In your eyes I can catch fleeting glimpses of the woman you will become, and while I know that day is still a long distance away, a part of me agonizes over the feeling that time is blasting past in leaps and bounds while another part of myself feels the days slide by slowly, imperceptibly, achingly slow.

It is my wish for you on your third birthday that you continue to grow into the kind hearted, warm and loving person that you are and that now that you are a big sister, you will teach your younger brother how to shine in the world as you do.

Lucy, you're sugar and filigree to me - It's how you sweetly turn and twist through time, continually embedding yourself deeper and deeper into my heart. Never let go.

I love you, sweet girl,


Aged vanilla infused musk, pink candy floss, quince, rock candy and angel food cake.

Happy 30th Birthday, Sterling! 

On April 21st, my dear hubs turned 30. And while he may be in deep denial over it, I still find cause for celebration! (And yes, my husband, my daughter and my son were are all born in April within two weeks of one another!) Sterling's birthday falls on the cusp between Aries and Taurus which I believe gives him a tendency to be rather intense and moody. (Sterling shares a birthday with Robert Smith from the Cure and we all know what kind of reputation that guy has for being melancholy and cantankerous! There just may be something in the stars that day after all....)

In honor of all the gloomy curmudgeons of the world, I present Moody Bastard, a blend most dark and brooding:

Black patchouli, smoked vanilla resin, shredded tobacco, oakmoss, teak, black tea and Indian sandalwood.

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle $19
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll-On $20

SUGAR AND FILIGREE will be available until May 7th and MOODY BASTARD will be available until the end of May. 


The Nursery Rhymes collection celebrating the birth of our sweet Sebastian is still LIVE and be sure to celebrate the vernal season with the Le Sacre du Printemps series! Last chance for these beauties! 

All the best! 

Vajra, Sterling, Miss Lucy and Sebastian

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