Friday, November 25, 2011

Blackest Friday EVER! Buy 2 get 1 FREE sale and NEW PERFUMES added to the GC!

The print, it is fine:

Buy 2 get 1 free.
Sale good for 24 hours.
Free item must be the least expensive of the three.
Good for 5 or 10ml bottles, not pips.
No LE's, Toby Daye OK!
No Limit!

New Additions to the General Catalog!

We've added four new perfumes to the Mythos collection inspired by fearsome and seasonally appropriate deities. Anubis, Maman Brigitte and Set bring with them their celebration of death in this season of darkness while the sun is in the deep and passionate sign of Scorpio. In the broader autumnal season, we celebrate all sorts of ancestral and death honoring festivals: Halloween, Samhain, Los Dias de los Muertos, Hop Tu Naa, Calan Gaeaf, Allantide, All Hallows Eve, All Saints, Festival of the Dead, Ghost Festival... you get the point! Durga, while not a death goddess per se (that title belongs to Kali, an aspect of Durga herself) brings the celebration of her festival, Navratri, for a week during the month of September.

There isn't a more perfect time than now to add these to the collection! Try them today to attune to the energy of the darkening days and lengthening nights, to pay homage to your dearly departed loved ones or to simply enshroud yourself in the deadly aroma of these dire deities!

Jackal-headed Egyptian lord of embalming, mummification and protector of the dead. He watches over the funerary process making sure the bodies are properly readied for their journey to the afterlife. His color is black, associating him with the putrefaction stage of death as well as the promise of rebirth found in the fertile black soils on the banks of the river Nile.

A perfume inspired by the beauty that Anubis saw in death: Red musk, Egyptian patchouli accord, tonka bean absolute, aged vanilla resin and a drop of embalming honey.

As a fierce protector and an indestructible force of nature, Durga's ability to help her devotees overcome selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego has made her one of the most beloved of all Hindu devas. She rides into battle on her tiger, a symbol of her vast and limitless power with a peaceful smile on her face, as even during the most violent confrontations, she does not lose her composure, compassion or her ability to laugh at a good joke.

Sacred, powerful and commanding, yet brightly festive: Daring Indian patchouli wrapped in graceful bergamot blossom and enlivened with tonka bean.

Scottish and Irish indentured servants brought along with them to Haiti their beloved goddess and later Saint Brigid, the red haired, green eyed, fair skinned deity. She most certainly has her place among the pantheon of beloved Haitian Lwa as queen of the Ghede, a Haitian Creole word for a family of sprits that represent the dead as well as fertility - sex and death are never far apart! She is the Mistress of the Dead, owner of the cemetery and is, in true ghede fashion, as sexually suggestive, rude, obscene and debaucherous as her husband, Baron Samedi.

Maman's Ofrendas: Tobacco, peppered rum, spicy clove, piquant cinnamon and graveyard dirt.

Egyptian lord of darkness, chaos, storms, the harsh desert and foreigners. He ruled the red desert in Upper Egypt while Horus was given the fertile Nile delta, the black lands of Lower Egypt. The two gods were always at odds with one another. Multiple myths detail the feud between the two, a conflict that is completely understandable: Set murdered then dismembered Horus' father Osiris as Set always had eyes for his sister and Horus' mother, the beautiful Isis and stopped at nothing to have her. Some historians claim that the vilification of Set was politically motivated, some say it was symbolic of the war that people living in the desert waged to survive within the environment daily: Set represented the sterile, harsh desert while Horus was the fertile lands that were flooded by the Nile. Nonetheless, Set is a darkly complicated figure who is often called upon for sex and love magic as he understands the how far down the maddening depths of love and desire can go when they remain unrequited.

Egyptian red amber, black patchouli, vanilla bean hull, sycamore, black musk, beeswax and vetiver.


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