Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hard to believe, but two years ago on the 22nd, Sterling and I exchanged vows in a humble and low-key wedding ceremony at the County Courthouse witnessed only by a small intimate group of family and a few close friends. We couldn't be happier since it truly suited our introverted personalities. From the moment Sterling proposed to me I would often break out into a cold sweat imagining myself up in front of a large audience sharing something so private and sacred to me. Now when I reminisce, what stands out the most in my mind was the moment of the kiss. As we moved closer together so Sterling could now kiss his bride he inadvertently (and rather comically) knocked off the veiled top hat I was wearing which caused a small ripple of laughter in the audience - the judge included! It was wonderful to have such a nerve wracking and solemn moment lightened with happenstance humor.
There goes the hat!
Big money (or big egos!) can create big weddings, but the ones that are the most memorable (and lasting) in my opinion are the ones with a little humor and a lot of heart - and while we had little of the former, we had plenty of the latter.
To commemorate our second wedding anniversary, please enjoy the latest offering, The Kiss and a resurrected version of True Love
Decanted in 5ml glass amber bottles

A perfume evocative of deeply loving and passionate memories warmly wrapped in a lighthearted and fun loving embrace: Silken white wedding cake lightly infused with orange blossom water and frosted with toasted coconut vanilla cheesecake cream, topped with curls of shaved white chocolate.
Decanted in 5ml glass amber bottles

Vanilla creme-filled dark chocolate truffle accord slowly drizzled with warm, wild raw honey and seven sensual sugared ambers.
Navratri is a nine day long Hindu celebration held four times a year in honor of the great goddesses, particularly Durga. The largest of these celebrations occurs in the fall. This year, Navratri begins on the 28th of September, ending on the 5th of October. Vast altars and effigies are created in her honor. Pujas are held; prayers offered.
As a fierce protector and an indestructible force of nature, Durga's ability to help her devotees overcome selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego has made her one of the most beloved of all Hindu devas. She rides into battle on her tiger, a symbol of her vast and limitless power with a peaceful smile on her face, as even during the most violent confrontations, she does not lose her composure, compassion or her ability to laugh at a good joke. 
Celebrate Navratri and honor Durga with this perfume created specially for Durga in a blessed space on her sacred day.
Decanted in 5ml glass amber bottles
Sacred, powerful and commanding, yet brightly festive: Daring Indian patchouli wrapped in graceful bergamot blossom and enlivened with tonka bean.

The Kiss and True Love will be live until the end of October. Durga will come down at the end of the festival on the 6th of October.
There are still a few left of each. Last call for them as I'm taking them off the site at the end of the week! Click HERE to order!
May your lives be filled with love and loads of blessings,


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