Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ya Feelin' Lucky?

Lucky Bastard's Friday the 13th Blues

Friday the 13th is fast upon us. Often thought of as an unlucky day, people often avoid having anything at all to do with it. But if you look deeper, you'll discover that the 13th and the number 13 give us the opportunity to revert bad luck to good and turn misfortune into dumb luck.

Let Conjure Oils help get you out from under the Wheel of Fortune. You can't lose with the stuff we use!

Black Cat Crossed My Path

Did that darling kitty just trash your luck? How could such a sweet critter cause so much fear and misunderstanding? Reclaim the black cat as the rightful symbol of good luck that it is!

Black vanilla, blacker amber and blackest patchouli, sugar peach, midnight musk and sweet cream

Four Leaf Clover

The four leaves on the clover represent hope, love, faith and luck. May all four be yours!

Lucky sweet clover, lemon sugar and green fig, wisteria for hope and a drop or two of raspberry for gorgeous love

Fu Lions Guarding the Front Gate

Fu Lions are ancient Chinese figures that have been used for ages to guard the threshold of Imperial palaces, sacred tombs and the homes of the affluent. They stand guard in pairs: a male and a female with her cub. Let their eternal stone gaze watch over you and yours.

Crimson dragon's blood, Oriental black opium, daphne, sandalwood incense, oolong tea, Chinese chrysanthemum and wisteria

Guardian Angel

The belief that God has created a personal angel for each and every one of us has existed for millennia. Crowley himself espoused the belief in one's Holy Guardian Angel and the importance of getting in touch with the being in order to know one's self. In the Yoruban tradition, our guardian angel is the Orisa that we pick to watch over us for life the moment before we're born. Align your spirit with the ultimate expression of your perfect self.

Thirteen vanillas, butter cream, angel food cake and layers of heavenly coconut cream

Knock on Wood

No one is certain where the tradition of "knocking on wood" when one temps fate with boastful comments comes from, but one thing is for certain -- the tradition appears everywhere throughout the world. (Wiki "knock on wood" and be amazed!) so perhaps there's something to it after all. Maybe it has roots in pre-Christian traditions where knocking on wood would implore the sympathy and protections of the tree spirits residing within.

Mahogany, Atlas cedar and black sandalwood deepened with juniper needles, sage and sweet clove

Lucky 13

Used in the hoodoo tradition, the number 13 is used to put bad luck in reverse, whether it be 13 ingredients or working on Friday the 13th itself.

A 13 ingredient mojo in a bottle: Five-finger grass, red rose, calendula blossoms, cinnamon bark, ginger root, pyrite, Indonesian patchouli, alfalfa, sweet clove and three more lucky secrets stashed within.

Lucky Horseshoe

Hung over doorways and entrances horseshoes are famous for bringing luck. Now whether the shoe is hung up or down is a matter of debate.

Cracked leather, amyris, oakmoss, spiny cactus, weathered oak, dried rose petals and fresh basil


Someone's jealousy got you vexed? The covetousness of others just might get you hexed!

Italian bergamot, white magnolia, white amber, blue iris and sticky honey

Rabbit's Foot

I assure you, no bunnies were harmed in the creation of this oil!

Fluffy cotton blossoms, bosc pear, sweet white musk, ginger and a soft kiss of stargazer lily

Shattered Mirror

You looking at 7 years of bad luck? You can put the pieces back together and see your true reflection.

Osmanthus, red patchouli, unholy incense, sweet almond, black currant and splinters from the mirror's frame

Snake Eyes

Busted again! Let's face it - sometimes the dice are loaded.

Candy floss, cinnamon leaf, smoked chili pepper, aged oak, tobacco and rich golden honeycomb

Spilled Salt

Tip the shaker? Don't forget to throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder!

Himalayan cedar, green tea, salt water, blue frankincense and aloe

Step on a Crack

Did you step on a crack and break your mama's back? Maybe you're breaking your own. All work and no play...

Restful red mandarin and joyful sweet pea in a fortuitous froth of oakmoss, sugar infused sandalwood and golden sweetgrass

But wait! There's MORE!

Newfangled Notions: Serialized selections with even more whimsy than the limiteds! Now featuring two series: Miss Lucina Rose and The Whore on Tour.

Miss Lucy's All Dolled Up

Just three months old and Miss Lucy already has the makings of a steampunk fashionista!

vanilla cream, pink musk, antique lace, sugared patchouli and just a hint of cherry blossom.


The Whore on Tour - Wine Country

Her first stop finds her in French wine country where the grapes hang like jewels from the vine underneath the never ending cobalt heavens. Here she'll enjoy the summer sun heavy in the sky, the wine tastings and painting watercolor postcards of the countryside for her lovers back home.

Bronzed vanilla, bordeaux, white honey, fresh hay and herbes de Provence

Oddment Emporium: new soaps in Sweetest Strawberry, Radio Bastet, Kraken Up! and Whore of Babylon!

Mythos: 2 new scents added to the GC: Aradia and Erinyes!

Aradia - Bella Strega

Italian holy daughter of Diana who was charged with the protection of the oppressed and the guardianship of her subversive witches.

13 sacred ingredients grace her perfume including rue, Tuscan bergamot, olibanum, black myrrh, artemisia, thick nocturnal musk and incense burned in the light of the full moon

Erinyes - The Angry Ones

Greek spirits that embody the anger of the dead. Their heads, ringed with serpents and eyes that cry tears of blood graphically display their anger and rage over the wrongful demise of the spirits that they represent. Ancient and timeless, they symbolize the eternal cycle of regeneration that exemplifies death leading to rebirth.

Blood red patchouli, Mycenaean honey, pomegranate incense, and deepest earth musk

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